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Thread: The Rename Game

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    Re: The Rename Game

    Mary Margaret Hazel- I would re-name you Elizabeth Ivy Quinn
    [I am 16 yrs old, tall with dark brown eyes and wavy, shoulder-length dirty blond hair. I am of English and Scottish descent. When I graduate, I am moving to Toronto to go to ryerson University, then pursue a career in editing. I enjoy reading, riding, and listening to music.]

    My name is Chantal Onalece (on-uh-lease)
    I am 23 years old. I'm kind of short, shoulder length brown hair, and blue eyes. I'm mostly of German decent, but I live in Oklahoma. I am a graduate student in Speech Pathology, but I secretly want to be a writer when I "grow up".
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

    Mom to Boston and Piper <3

    Names I love...
    Boys - Grady, Crew, Oakley, Penn, Beckett, Milo and Callum
    Girls - Lennox, Callaway, Arden, Belle, Lorelei, Annabel, Posey, Violet, and Eve

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