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    Re: New Hanson Baby!

    Its interesting how mnay of them chose to have their children go by the middle name instead of first name.

    The oldest Isaac (whose 2 children go by theire middle names) is actually Clarke Isaac Hanson. His firstborn is also named Clarke.
    Taylor, the middle borhter, was born Jordan Taylor. His firstborn is Jordan Ezra, and goes by Ezra. Interesting.

    Zac is the only one who goes by his first name (of the 3 brothers, they have many more siblings.) and he is also the only of the 3 to not name his firstborn son after himself. Also interesting! (FYI his middle name is Walker)

    I really love Taylors childrens name. River is my favorite.
    ANOTHER interesting name fact is that Hanson has a song called "Penny & Me" and his daughters name is Penelope.

    The Hanson family also includes...

    Jessica Grace (3 years younger than Zac)
    Avery Laurel
    Joshua Mackenzie ("Mac") - Another middle name as a first name.
    Zoë Genevieve

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