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    New Hanson Baby!

    'Hanson' drummer Zac Hanson and his wife Kate welcomed a baby girl named Junia Rosa Ruth on Wednesday, December 15, 2010. According to People, Junia weighed 8lbs and 7oz and is the second child for Zac and Kate, who already have son, John Ira Shepherd ("Shepherd"), 2 years.,00.html

    I love how Zac describes Junia as the best Christmas present. So sweet!

    Anyways, just for the fun of it here are the names of the other Hanson children. Can you believe Junia's only the second girl?

    Isaac and Nikki's kids:
    Clarke Everett "Everett" Hanson, 3
    James Monroe "Monroe" Hanson, 2

    Taylor and Natalie's kids:
    Jordan Ezra "Ezra" Hanson, 8
    Penelope Anne Hanson, 5
    River Samuel Hanson, 4
    Viggo Moriah Hanson, 2

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    Re: New Hanson Baby!

    Junia is a great name though I prefer Juno. Rosa Ruth is an unusual combination for middles and I'm not sure I like them both together. Maybe they choose them to honour people in their family. Junia and John Ira seem a bit matchy to me. I love two names from Taylor's family: Penelope and Viggo. All in all, Junia isn't bad. Gosh, those Hanson's are certainly a prolific bunch when it comes to having children, aren't they? Good for them!
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    Re: New Hanson Baby!

    I actually really like Junia! And I don't think I've ever come across my name (Rosa) as part of a celebrity babies', so that's nice.
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    Re: New Hanson Baby!

    I really like the name Junia - I wonder if they will call her Junie because that would be super cute! However, I don't really like the two middle names together. I think Junia Ruth or even Junia Rosa would have sounded better.
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    Re: New Hanson Baby!

    I like everyone else actually like Junia but I don't like it with Rosa too many long a sounds.
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