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    First names all asocciated with Roald Dahl, Middle names: Irish Poets

    1 Boy Quentin Kavanagh (Illustrator to all of Dahl's children's books)
    2 Girl Matilda Joyce [twin] ("Matilda")
    3 Boy Magnus Oscar [twin] ("Matilda)
    4 Girl Sophie Eavan ("BFG")
    5 Girl Tessa Máire (Dahl's daughter)
    6 Girl Hazell Nuala ("Danny the Champion of the World"
    7 Boy William 'Willy' Austin ("Charlie and the Choclate Factory
    8 Boy Daniel 'Niel' Seamus ("Danny and the Champion of the World")
    9 Girl Agatha 'Aggie' Eileen ("Matilda")
    10 Boy Alfred 'Alfie' [twin] Clive Staples (Publisher of Dahl's books)
    11 Boy Spencer [twin] Oliver ("Danny the Champion of the World")
    12 Boy Augustus 'August' Patrick("Charlie and the Factory")
    13 Boy Michael 'Mike' Wilde ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
    14 Boy James 'Jamie' Clarke("James and the Giant Peach")
    15 Boy Victor Beckett ("Danny the Champion of the World")
    16 Girl Guinevere 'Jenny' Maude ("Matilda")
    17 Girl Violet Caitlín ("Charlie and the choclate Factory")
    18 Girl Dahlia "Dahl" Medbh (twist on Dahl's surname
    19 Girl Peaches Milligan (spin on "James and the Giant Peach")
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    Top Girls: Tessa, Audrey, Joyce nn Joy, Harriet, Lynn, Regina nn Reggie, Diana, Ivy, Anthea NN Thea
    Top Boys: Theodore nn Theo, Quade, Miles, Cormac, Keith, Isaac, Jude, Flynn, Max.

    Irish name Indulgances: Donncha, Padraig, Méabh, Gráinne.

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    I would make all of their first names related to Disney, and their middle names all mean 'love'

    1 Boy Peter Connelly
    2 Girl Jasmine Carys [twin]
    3 Boy Will Amadeo[twin]
    4 Girl Belle Amorette
    5 Girl Daisy Milena
    6 Girl Ariel Grace
    7 Boy Thomas Rasmus
    8 Boy Jack David
    9 Girl Aurora Charity
    10 Boy Napoleon Eros [twin]
    11 Boy Archimedes Davy [twin]
    12 Boy Christopher Rhys
    13 Boy Michael Cupid
    14 Boy Dex Marcade
    15 Boy Domino Gerwyn
    16 Girl Rosie Annabel
    17 Girl Penny Amanda
    18 Girl Violet Aphrodite
    19 Girl Sally Freyja

    Peter, Jas, Will, Belle, Daisy, Ariel, Tom, Jack, Rory, Leon, Archie, Chris, Mickey, Dex, Dom, Rosie, Penny, Vi, Sally x

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    amylette Guest
    Boy - Joshua Maddox
    Girl - Elsie Jane
    Boy - Kyle Elias
    Girl - Piper Lucille
    Girl - Lorelei Faye
    Girl - Elizabeth Loren
    Boy - Holden Jude
    Boy - Henry Gage
    Girl - Clemence Josephine
    Boy - Jasper Ellington
    Boy - Jameson Lowell
    Boy - Jackson Samuel
    Boy - River Milo
    Boy - Lucas Auden
    Boy - Augustine Drake
    Girl - Giulia Rose
    Girl - Vivienne Mae
    Girl - Elizabeth Faith
    Girl - Mabel Charlotte

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    I'd pick asrtonomical names, with one sylable MNs

    1 Boy-Orion Vaughn
    2 Girl-Artemis Rae [twin]
    3 Boy-Apollo Ray [twin]
    4 Girl-Celeste Jewel
    5 Girl-Luna Wren
    6 Girl-Venus Elle

    7 Boy-Sirus Ace
    8 Boy-Leo Brice

    9 Girl-Soleil Joy
    10 Boy-Pheonix Cade [twin]
    11 Boy-Perseus Chet [twin]
    12 Boy-Castor Luke
    13 Boy-Aries Brock
    14 Boy-Sky Beau
    15 Boy-Caelum Rhys

    16 Girl-Aurora Maeve
    17 Girl-Bellatrix Dawn
    18 Girl-Nova Jade
    19 Girl-Starla Lux
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