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    The first names are one syllable nature names and all the mn begin with the same letter the first names does.

    boy- Brooks Bentley
    girl- Wind Wilma
    boy- Stone Sheridan
    girl- Dusk Dominica
    boy- Wolf Wyatt
    girl- Oak Olympia
    boy- Hart Henry
    girl- Night Naomi
    girl- Cloud Clementine
    girl- Snow Sylvia
    boy- Leaf Lawrence
    girl- Fawn Fiona
    boy- Ridge Roman
    girl- Myrrh Millicent
    girl- Moss Matilda
    boy- Field Franklin
    boy- North Nelson
    boy- Reef Ronald
    boy- Fox Finnley
    teenager crushing on a mix of vintage and not-so-vintage names:

    Susanna, Elisabeth, Andromeda (nn Romey/Andi), Aurora, Silver, Nova

    Frost, Rune, Reef, Ford, Ross

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    Eleanor/Eloise, Cecilia, Josephine, Audrey, Fiona, Vivienne, Hazel, Juliet, Genevieve, Iris, Felicity, Penelope, Daisy, Scarlett, Isla, Claire, Amelia, Caroline, Stella, Eve, Margot, Annabel, Delilah, Ruby, Freya, Esme, Lola, Ivy, Willa, Gemma, Mila

    Oliver, Sebastian, Theodore, Felix, Leo, Roman, Wesley, August, Jasper, Miles, Jude, Silas, Finn, Dashiell, Ford, Elliott, Tristan, Charles, Gabriel, Liam, Wyatt, Declan, Harrison, Levi, Atlas, Luke, Beckett, Wilder, Grey, Beau, Knox, Lincoln

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    All first names end with EN, middle names are alphebetical.

    (B) Bowen Adam
    (G) Elowen Beatrix (Garren's twin)
    (B) Garren Cameron (Elowen's twin)
    (G) Kiden Dayna
    (G) Morwen Elizabeth
    (G) Tanwen Fawnna
    (B) Branden Grant
    (B) Cohen Ian
    (G) Iorwen Jaelyn
    (B) Koren Kenneth (Owen's twin)
    (B) Owen Lachlan (Koren's twin)
    (B) Torsten Milo
    (B) Broden Nicholas
    (B) Carsten Otto
    (B) Holden Peter
    (G) Kiersten Quincy
    (G) Seren Rebecca
    (G) Vivien Stephanie
    (G) Arianwen Tatum

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    I chose to use names from famous(ish) songs as first names, and that artist's name as a middle.

    B1: Daniel Elton (Daniel - Elton John)
    G1 (Twin): Lucy Lennon (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles)
    B2 (Twin): John Taylor (Dear John - Taylor Swift)
    G2: Elise Beethoven (Fur Elise - Ludwig Van Beethoven)
    G3: Maggie Starr (Maggie Mae - The Beatles)
    G4: Caroline Diamond (Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond)
    B3: Jude McCartney (Hey Jude - The Beatles)
    B4: Julio Simon (Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Paul Simon)
    G5: Alyssa Carroll (Alyssa Lies - Jason Michael Carroll)
    B5 (Twin): Alexander Berlin (Alexander's Ragtime Band - Irvin Berlin)
    B6 (Twin): Jessie Rick (Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield)
    B7: Sam Floyd (Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd)
    B8: Maxwell Harrison (Maxwell's Silver Hammer - The Beatles)
    B9: Anthony Joel (Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) - Billy Joel)
    B10: Jackson Dylan (George Jackson - Bob Dylan)
    G6: Annie Denver (Annie's Song - John Denver)
    G7: Juliet King (Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings)
    G8: Rhiannon Mac (Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac)
    G9: Josie Dan (Josie - Steely Dan)

    I tried to choose songs and artists that were well-known!
    "When the light falls on your face, don't let it change you
    When the stars get in your eyes, don't let it blind you
    You're beautiful, just the way you are
    And I love it all, every line and every scar"

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    I would use all vowel names for the first, in no specific order. And vintage names as middles

    B - Aaron Theordore - 22
    his wife - Madeline Taylor
    DD - Hannah Layla
    DS - Walter "Wally" Aaron
    G - Isadora "Dora" Grace - 20 (twin)
    B - Isaac Peter - 20 (twin)
    G - Allegra "Alli" Florence - 19
    G - Aurelia "Leah" Beatrice - 18
    G - Audrey Mabel - 17
    B - Ethan Jacob - 15
    B - Ian Phineas - 14
    G - Eden Lydia - 13
    B - Elijah "Eli" Henry - 12 (twin)
    B - Evan Samuel - 12 (twin)
    B - Elliot Calvin - 10
    B - Austin Rupert - 9
    B - Asher "Ash" Simon - 8
    B - Alexander "Alex" Tobias - 6
    G - Eloise "Ella" Sabrina- 5
    G - Ariana Lillian-3
    G - Abigail "Abby" Victoria - 2
    G - Annabella "Bella" Margaret - NB

    Aaron, Dora, Isaac, Alli, Leah, Audrey, Ethan, Ian, Eden, Eli, Evan, Elliot, Austin, Ash, Alex, Ella, Ariana, Abby, and Bella!
    My babies - Gabriel Evan, Lila Ruby, Mia Jade, Nolan Jude, Tessa Violet, and Luke Peter.
    Favs - Madeline, Cara, Piper, Eden, Chloe, Francesca, James, Nathaniel, Dominic, Theodore, Aaron, and Noah.

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