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    Re: baby name regret

    Congrats on your upcoming twins by the way. I love your children's names.

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    Re: baby name regret

    I think it will get better with time. I wouldn't change it. I LOVE Sofia and Lili together (Although I prefer Lily). They are beautiful names and sound great together! Is there a nickname that you can come up with that would fit her better right now (such as Ana) or a nickname derived from her middle name?

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    Re: baby name regret

    If you still don't feel comfortable even saying your daughter's name, I would change it. You can't go through life cringing at your daughter's name. If you prefer the names Guilietta/Julietta, Clara, and Elena, why don't you and your husband try out those names to decide which one suits her best - then change it before she gets much older. Family and friends will adjust to the change and eventually will forget about the original one.
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    Re: baby name regret

    I don't know if this will help but here's my experience. When I was born my parents named me Gillian. But my Dad decided he didn't like the name, so he changed it to Lindy (don't ask me why, i guess he just preferred Lindy). It was the bane of my existence having to correct all of my teachers who called "Gillian" on the first day of school. Finally when i turned 18, moved out of my parents house and went to college, I started going by Gillian and never looked back. Much happier now to be going by the name on my birth certificate and all other official documents, plus i think my real name is way prettier than my nickname. Quite honestly i don't know what my parents were thinking.

    When my daughter was born, her name came to us while i was in labor. it was like she named herself. i guess my point is, don't get too wrapped up in whether or not you like your daughter's name- maybe she was named that for a reason, and she will grow to love her name as she comes into her identity with it.

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    Re: baby name regret

    The only regret I have so far is giving my second daughter the second name Rose. Rose to me is a beautiful name but it's one of what I call the 'default' middle names along with Ann and Marie and some others.
    Emmeline caught us by surprise arriving very premature and being a very sick little baby, we had her baptised in the hospital at 3 days old because we were so sure we were going to lose her and just picked the first middle name that seemed to fit for her. Looking back I wish I had taken more time over our choice but at the time my mind was on other things. I am just so grateful we had her first name chosen or heaven knows what she would have been called.
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