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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Quote Originally Posted by elowen

    Trust me to not log in. My curiosity was piqued and I had to read. I'm not disappointed I did.

    That is called 'the flounce' ladies and gentleman.

    I like digging around, better than digging a big hole I suppose :mrgreen: At any time did this person stop and think about how outrageously sad it is to talk to oneself in an advice thread? Suggesting ideas to your own sockpuppet? Patting yourself on the back for your own advice? I will never understand it and those accounts are just three that I'm sure off, there's more.

    Ah well. I can't see this ever going anywhere.

    And for jacfitz (because we know she's reading, she won't flounce all her accounts), google "eating crow". It's by no means an uncommon expression. The confusion was a nice touch though, I will give you that.
    Mystery, you ate Old Man Jenkins!

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