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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    As a huge Frances Hodgson Burnett fan myself, this name makes me want to jump for joy! Congratulations!

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Congrats on your new bundle of joy!
    mom to Stephanie Elizabeth & a lifelong name nerd

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Wonderful, wonderful news! Welcome baby Crewe and congrats Jac, Fitz, Lulu, Bea, Juni and Hawk!

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Congrats! Fantastic name!

    Hope Crewe and you are doing good!
    Moma to Casper, Ocean, Arnie and Clo

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    You guys are seriously all so sweet! The feedback we are getting from family and friends on the name is awesome, they all love it! ( But let's face it once the baby is named i don't think many people are mean enough to say that they dont like the name :P ). He fits Crewe Lennox amazingly and can't wait to see this little stud grow up! He already looks like Fitz's (and Hawk's) twin!

    Our crazy family is doing amazing! Everyone is getting adjusted to having Crewe in our life! Lulu and Bea LOVE LOVE LOVE Crewe soo much, its so dang cute! I thought they would be so sick of seeing a baby after having Juni and Hawk...but i think that since they are a little older (well, mainly Tallulah) and they are able to really help and be a part of Crewe's daily routine, they are enjoying every minute of it! So surprised to see Lulu WANTING to help change Crazy Crewe's diapers....hey i'll take any help I can get! As for Juni and Hawk, they are warming up to Crewe slowly..heck they''re only 22 months so Fitz and I expected it! Anytime the "baby/babies" of the family aren't the baby/babies any more they is always a little adjusting to do!

    Anyways, just thought i'd give you guys a little update! It feels weird not coming on here so often to check up on posts - but i will find the time on occasion! It's like an additional family on here!

    Love, Jac
    Momma to Tallulah Daisy (5), Beatrix India (4), Juniper Bronte (2), Hawthorne Wilde (2) & Crewe Lennox (newborn)

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