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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Wow, congratulations! Somehow I had a feeling that the baby would be a boy! I love your final decision. Crewe is such a smooth name. I picture a very friendly, athletic boy. Glad you and the baby are doing well!

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Congrats! Crewe Lennox is an awesome name!

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Aww Congrats! I'm so happy you got your little Crewe!
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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!


    Probably good that it turned out to be a boy, so you don't have a nameless baby, but I would have liked to have known what your final decision would have been !

    Anyway, all the best to you, Crewe and the rest of the family!!!


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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Congratulations on your little boy! So happy you got to use the name you had already decided on and love! Best of wishes!


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