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    Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Hey Nameberry World, it's Jac!

    Well...our little bub is finally here!'s a BOY!

    Jacqueline (nee de Laurier) and Fitz Gardner, are pleased to announce the birth of their baby boy, Crewe Lennox Gardner! Born Friday December the 10th, 2010, at 3:12am, he weighs in at a hefty 8lbs 6oz! Both Mom and Bub are doing great! Big sisters, Tallulah Daisy, Beatrix India, Juniper Bronte and big bro Hawthorne Wilde are thrilled to bits with their new little "Crewe-ton".

    Once again, a sincere thanks to everybody here on Nameberry! We couldn't have named this little boy without your AMAZING help!

    ps: Thank heavens it wasn't a girl! I don't think we were ready to pick a name for "her"! For what it's worth, I think the final two names that would have been decided upon were Zara Poesy Gardner "Zippy", and Clemency Ophelia Gardner "Coco" (Rollo, as much as we loved Imogen Bluebell, the fact that it didn't have an amazing nickname threw us off of the name!). But Hey! Crewe is FINALLY here and we are so thrilled!

    All the love in the world from,
    Jac, Fitz, Tallulah, Beatrix, Juniper, Hawthorne and Crewe!
    Momma to Tallulah Daisy (5), Beatrix India (4), Juniper Bronte (2), Hawthorne Wilde (2) & Crewe Lennox (newborn)

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Ah, Jac and Fitz! Thank goodness you had a boy! Congratulations on your little Crouton! I adore Crewe Lennox and have from the start - what a perfect brother for Lulu, Bea, Juni, and Hawk!

    Lemon :-)

    PS I think you should keep Zara Poesy "Zippy" on the list if you ever have another girl!
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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    YAY! Congratulations on Crewe!

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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Jac and Fitz I am so HAPPY for you, absolutely delighted and love his name.

    And Jac I did feel that my pick was a long shot but I totally love that you thought highly enough of it to put it on your final list. I was starting to call baby Zara Imogen Bluebell Gardner, maybe that could go on the list for next time so you get both names in the mix?

    What a name journey you have carried us on, a great journey and we loved it.

    Warmest congratulations to you, Fitz and the children, with a big hug from me for Crewe.

    PS 1 My grandson is named Cruz so it was inevitable that I would love Crewe too!
    PS 2 My daughter is named Jacquelyn, nn Jac, just like you!

    love rollo xox
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    Re: Our spunky/literary bub is HERE!

    Congrats! Crewe Lennox is a great name!
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