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Thread: Brinley

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    Which spelling of Brinley? (Brinley, Brynley, Brynlie) Does is matter if I think that the nn Bryn should be spelled with a "y" if we decided to use a nn?

    What about a middle name?
    Janae? (means God has answered our prayer and goes with our other daughter's Hebrew name.) (husband says is sounds african american in nature)
    Janea? (see above, just alternate spelling)
    Lillian? (family name)

    Please help! Only 4 weeks to go!

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    Re: Brinley

    If you want the nickname to be spelled Bryn, then the full name should have the y too. Honstly I like Brynley or Brynlie better anyway b/c I have a tendency to think "Brine-lee" when I see it with the i.

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    Re: Brinley

    The Brinley spelling is the one I would gravitate to since it looks a little less trendy than the others. However, I agree that if you'll be using the nickname Bryn (frequently enough that you'll be writing it down), I would have the full name start with that. So I would say the Brynley spelling may be your best bet, if this is the name you have decided on. It's not really my style, but it's kinda cute!

    As for middles, you might consider using something a little more classic to balance out the modern/trendy feel of Brynley/Brinley. Instead of Janae or Janea, how about Jane? I'm afraid Brynley Lillian has too much L, and is a little hard to say!

    How about:

    Brynley Jane
    Brynley Elizabeth
    Brynley Kate
    Brynley Joy
    Brynley Faith

    Good luck!

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    Re: Brinley

    I had a friend Brinley growing up, so all the other spellings just look unnatural to me. She actually ended up Brie more often then Brin/Bryn. :/ Anyway, I think putting the "y" in the middle just looks forced. It's her NN and she can spell it however she wants. Are plenty of Kaitlyns who go by Kate not Kait. How about:
    Brinley Abigail
    Brinley Adeline
    Brinley Aviva
    Brinley Delilah
    Brinley Hannah
    Brinley Maeve
    Brinley Mariah
    Brinley Miranda
    Brinley Sarah
    Brinley Susannah (means lily, and is Hebrew)

    Janae (or Janea..which I would read as JA-nee-ah) would make the name very trendy. Brinley Lillian is nice, but very "L" heavy.

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    Re: Brinley

    I agree with the pp, Brynley and Brynlie both look butchered to me. Brinley can still spell her nn Bryn if she likes imo and Brin looks fine also to me. Nick names are rarely written anyway. I would stick to something more traditional for the middle name. Something like Brinley Abigail or Brinley Hannah would be nice.
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