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    At 24, you�ve just graduated from university with a degree in Photography. On the first day of your new job you�re so nervous you�re not really concentrating on where you�re going and crash into somebody, dropping your briefcase and the folder full of papers you were holding. Luckily the other person stops and helps you gather everything up and laughs off your embarrassed apologies. You finally get a proper look at them and your heart stops. Somehow you know this is �the one�. You ask them their name and offer to buy them coffee later, starting a whirlwind romance.
    What�s their name? Dylan Alexander MayFair
    Yours is: Aubrey Sapphire Marks

    After only six months of dating you decide to tie the knot at a simple ceremony in Disney World before enjoying a three month honeymoon in Aruba. After returning home to Massachusetts you are shocked to discover that you and your spouse will soon be welcoming a child into the world. Shock quickly turns into excitement and months later you are parents to a beautiful, healthy baby.
    If you have blue eyes it�s a boy, brown eyes it�s a girl. You had a name all picked out but when your child is born you are surprised by their bright, auburn hair and brilliant emerald eyes, neither of which are traits either or you possess. You decide that the name you had picked out doesn�t fit them and name them something to reflect their appearance instead. You give them two middle names, one after you and one after your spouse.
    The name you had picked out: Alexander Dylan Robert MayFair
    What you end up naming the baby: Finn Dylan Aubrey MayFair

    Two years on and both of you are completely besotted with you tot and are thinking of giving them a sibling. This time you decide to adopt. You and your significant other visit a children�s home and are overwhelmed by the number of children, all who seem quite happy. Your heart sets on a particular child though who�s quieter than the others and playing by themself in the corner. You know this is the child for you. The only problem is, you�re not sure if it�s a boy or a girl and being told their name is Riley doesn�t help much so you have to ask one of the workers.
    If you�re right handed it�s a boy, left handed it�s a girl, ambidextrous you choose.
    You keep their name as their first middle name. The other is a virtue and their first name is after your favourite character from literature.
    Their name is: Edmund Noble Riley MayFair
    How old is the new member of your family? 4

    About a year later you become an aunt for the first time. Thrilled, you and your significant other take your kids into the hospital to meet the new addition. Your sister and her baby are healthy and it�s a wonderful time for your family. Like yours, her first is a Boy.
    She names the baby: Mathias Gideon
    Whilst in the hospital you wander past the nursery and bump into a nurse holding two new born babies. Upon inquiry you find out the babies are identical twins. They look just angelic and when you�re gushing over them the nurse also mentions they have been put up for adoption. Having already successfully adopted a child you give this serious thought. You discuss it with your significant other and decide to adopt the twins.
    If you�re a vegetarian it�s two boys, if not two girls
    You let your older children pick one of their middle names each and the other middle names are after songs you both adore. First names start with vowels. Their names are: Anastasia Lucy Marie MayFair (Ana) & Eliza Matilda Daisy MayFair

    Three years later, tragedy hits when your best friend is killed in a freak accident. You are distraught at losing them but you have to stay strong and focus your attention on your friends two young children, who your friend was a single parent to. Upon finding out you and your significant other have been appointed their guardians you are relieved to know the children will be with people who care about them and welcome them into your family. Their first names are after famous artists, middle names are very popular names from the time they were born. If you are over 25, they children are both girls, under they are both boys and over 40, one of each. Their names are and ages are: Neo Aidan Jacob Brown (13) & Miro Alexander James Brown (7)

    Two years on life has settled down for your family when you discover you are expecting again. All of you are overjoyed at the news but you receive the shock of your life when you and your spouse are informed by your technician one visit that their will be more than just one new addition, he says three can be confirmed but he thinks there could be even more and doesn�t like to guess. All you can do is wait, but not for much longer as the babies arrive early.
    If you have children it�s quads, if not you choose how many but must be at least triplets. First middle names have similar meanings, second middle names are related to nature and firs names must have sequential initials, like A, B, C, D or L, M, N, O, P. You choose genders. Their names are:
    1) Abram Felix River MayFair
    2) Blythe Caroline Violet MayFair
    3) Calla Beatrice Rose MayFair (Callie)
    4) Dalton Caius Forest MayFair
    5) Emmet Jay Sparrow MayFair
    6) Felicity Edith Lilly MayFair

    Your family is now definitely complete! You and Dylan have: Finn Dylan Aubrey MayFair, Edmund Noble Riley MayFair, Anastasia Lucy Marie MayFair, Eliza Matilda Daisy MayFair, Neo Aidan Jacob Brown, Miro Alexander James Brown, Abram Felix River MayFair, Blythe Caroline Violet MayFair, Calla Beatrice Rose MayFair (Callie), Dalton Caius Forest MayFair, Emmet Jay Sparrow MayFair, Felicity Edith Lilly MayFair
    Hope you had fun!

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