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    Naughty names and good names

    Whilst reading through a paper this weekend I found a list of "naughty" names and "good" names. It was compiled from how teachers saw children with different names. Does anyone think about these things when naming their children?

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    Re: Naughty names and good names

    I think being an early childhood teacher does affect the names you perceive as "naughty". You are influenced by the children you have looked after with those names. Also some names do seem to crop up more often.

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    Re: Naughty names and good names

    Neither my partner nor I have had any experience as early childhood teachers, so we didn't really consider that when naming our kids...but in retrospect, after meeting my children's classmates and friends from town, I have to say I've developed some negative and positive associations of names. We've met two troublesome Dylans, for example, and a young girl named Madison who loved to tease our oldest daughter in kindergarten, so I'd never use these names for my own children. I'm really interested in reading a list of names considered "naughty" and "good" by teachers...if not only to compare the list to my children's class lists, lol.
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    Re: Naughty names and good names

    I've never met a "real-life" Dylan but I do own a labrador by that name and he's naughty too. This was in a British Newspaper, so I don't know what the US version would be

    Beth & Josh
    Lydia & Scott
    Abbie & Sam
    Paige & Alex
    Courtney & Tom
    Alice & Robert
    Leah & Luke
    Sophie & Bradley
    Zoe & Jordan
    & David

    (I've lost a girls name somewhere!)

    Abigail & Jacob
    Louise & Nathan
    Rachel & Samuel
    Elizabeth & Alexander
    Anna & Christopher
    Nicole & Adam
    Lucy & Ryan
    Victoria & Liam
    Jessica & Michael
    Natasha & Joshua

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    Re: Naughty names and good names

    Very interesting! Every child has such a distinct personality but I wonder if this says something about the types of parents that pick these names too....!?

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