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Thread: Idea for a tool

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    Idea for a tool

    Since Nameberry has the master list of names from the SSA down to those used five times for each gender, I thought a good tool to make using those numbers is one where you can search names used for both genders and it would give the ratio of the name's usage for each gender for the most recent year with data available (useful for those wanting to see where the name falls on the gender spectrum).

    Here's some examples:
    Avery - 3.87 girls for each boy
    Dylan - 20.74 boys for each girl

    Alternately, the quantity could be expressed as a percentage. Using the above examples:
    Avery - 79.46% are girls
    Dylan - 95.40% are boys

    Raw numbers for the examples:
    Avery: 6,243 girls and 1,614 boys
    Dylan: 11,243 boys and 542 girls

    Remember to mention that for names with very high ratios one way or the other, errors from the SSA may be involved (for example last year in addition to more than 20,000 girl Isabellas they showed 27 boy ones, which the latter figure is probably largely due to such errors).

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    Re: Idea for a tool

    What I'd also like is for the graphs for the genders to be combined, showing blue and pink lines on one graph.

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