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    You're only sixteen when you get pregnant by your boyfriend who is also sixteen (not a great start, I know). He doesn't want to have kids so young but you decide to have the baby and he sticks it out. Luckily your mom and dad are very understanding and support your decision. You have the baby one month after your seventeenth birthday. Pick one of these:
    A) You have a boy, and you give him a trendy first name and a middle name after your boyfriend, his dad!
    What do you name your baby? Noah Gabriel
    What's your name? Luna Diane Wells
    What's your boyfriend's name? Gabriel Steven McCabe

    Now you've learned your lesson. You work part time and raise your baby with the help of your mom and dad and somehow manage to get your GED on top of all that! You also decide to wait until you're married to have sex again so you don't have another accident. You start taking classes at the community college. Are you still with your boyfriend (the baby's dad)?
    B) No, we broke up.

    If you picked B, you meet a guy at the community college and he proposes after eight months of dating. After the wedding he legally adopts your now four-year-old child as his own. His name is? Benjamin Colin *Ben* Ford

    Either way, you get married in July and your first child is the ring bearer at your wedding. You go on your honeymoon and come back pregnant. You and hubby are over the moon and when you tell your firstborn, so are they! You decide to let him help name the new baby. Pick one of these:
    A) It's a boy! You give him a nature first name and let your first child pick his mn.
    Huckleberry Arthur *Huck* (after the tv show Arthur)

    You, hubby, and your growing brood decide it's time to move to a bigger house. You manage to find a five-bedroom farmhouse that needs a little work and move right in. Luckily your dad is a contractor who helps you make the repairs. When your first child is 7 and your second child is 2, you decide it's time for more kids. This time it's twins!
    If you had a boy last round, you have twin girls. They both have a color name (either first or middle).
    Clementine Ellen *Emmy* & Hazel Madeline

    Raising the twins and all your other kids is a lot of work, so you decide to spend time with them. When you're 30, your oldest is 14, your middle child is 9, and the twins are 7, you start to miss having a baby around. You decide adding one more to your brood couldn't hurt. It's a little girl! You give her a name that your parents were considering for you.
    Matilda Jocelyn *Tilly*

    Now you're 33. Your oldest is 17 and almost ready to graduate high school, your middle child is 12, the twins are 10, and your baby girl is 3. You find yourself unexpectedly pregnant again! Hubby confesses that he switched your birth control pills with aspirin because he wanted another boy! You're mad, but you can't be too mad once your son is born and you're looking at his sweet face. Pick one of these:
    C) You have triplet boys! One is a Junior of his father, one is named your maiden name, and one is named after a sport's team.
    Benjamin Colin Jr. *Jamie* & Maxwell Charles *Max* & Nicholas Curtis *Nico* (New York Knicks)

    Luna & Ben with Noah, Huck, Emmy, Hazel, Tilly, Jamie, Max & Nico
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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