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    Female names related to rebirth?

    Think like a phoenix. Without naming her Phoenix. >,<
    This is actually not my MC, but she is a major focal point of the story. I need a name that sounds ordinary and acceptable (think Elena) that would be considered beautiful or charming in her husband's society (he is some sort of nobility), but with the potential for a fun and very informal nickname (think Nellie). And I've been trying to stay away from the boring and expected (Elizabeth nn Lizzie, Isabel nn Bella, etc)

    This character is actually something of a type of phoenix. Not literally, but her presence in the story represents rebirth.
    The setting is fictional and the time period isn't decided yet, but perhaps sometime around the French Revolution, so like late 1700's. Not French though. Not to confuse. Sorry.

    Any suggestions, berries? A nickname is not mandatory. I can makeup an unrelated moniker if I need to. And while I'd love some kind of phoenix or fire or rebirth reference, I'm not fond of obvious ones. Like Ash or Blaze (not to mention those names are inappropriate for the times.)

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    Re: Female names related to rebirth?

    Anastasia- ressurection
    Dagny- new day
    Enid- spirit
    Renee- reborn
    Serafina- fiery
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    Re: Female names related to rebirth?

    Try a flower or plant associated with resurrection, like Calla (Acacia is a bit out there).

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    Re: Female names related to rebirth?

    Amarantha/Amaranta - Deathless (and the amaranth is a flower)

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    Re: Female names related to rebirth?

    Renata - literally 'reborn'
    Persephone - returns back from the underworld, bringing summer with her

    Also, Phoenix is derived from the Greek word for crimson or purple, so you could allude to it through a name relating to those shades: Rosa, Ruby, Cherry, Garnet, Lavender, Violet, Porphyria...

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