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    Poe, Penn, and a third?

    Alright so I'm a rat lover. I have a dog and a cat too, whom I adore (Maggie and, boringly, Kitty) but I've had a parade of adorable little fancy rats through my house for a few years now. Most recently, however, I've had two little female rats that have been my favorite so far.

    Their names were Penn and Poe.
    Poe was my favorite out of the two. She was the braver and far more affectionate one. Though she was smaller, she was the dominant rat. And as you may guess from my past tense, she died a couple weeks ago. Very sad. I was pretty heartbroken, though rats don't live very long and it wasn't a surprise.

    Penn is still healthy and may live for a relatively long time. She's been depressed since her sister died, and solitary rats die earlier, so I got her a new cagemate.

    She is a baby right now, but already far, far braver and more curious than Penn. She's an albino. Completely white with ruby eyes. Very creepy and ghostly looking. Penn likes her already. The problem is, I've had a hard time coming up with a name for her. So I'm coming here for suggestions!

    My brother suggested Puck, which I kind of like and which works well with the P theme. But I'm not entirely convinced.
    I've also considered: Frost, Bones, and Marrow. But again, none of these names is grabbing me yet. Soooo?
    Given that she's creepy and white and ghost-ish, something along those lines would be ideal. Otherwise, just something relevant.

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    Re: Poe, Penn, and a third?

    We are getting Guinea Pigs and naming 1 Pantalaimon(Pan). I think you should continue the P theme.

    Pandora, Pansy, Panda, Pepper, Petra, Poet, Polly, Prudence(Prue), Poppy, Padme, Pearl

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    Re: Poe, Penn, and a third?

    I like Puck.

    Pip? Piper? Pi?

    I thought since you had Po- and Pe- names, it might be nice to have Pa-, Pi- or Pu-names.

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    Re: Poe, Penn, and a third?


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