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    Re: If you had to name a girl and a boy right now...?

    I'd name them Benjamin Dashiell Reeve and Juliet Zoe Catherine...well, I will in January when they're born!

    If I were naming a different boy and girl today, not my twins, they'd be Fiona and Alexander...not sure about middle names, I'm just sort of having namer's remorse (before the twins are even born!).
    Proud father of Camille (8), Zachary (6), Laura (4), Juliet and Benjamin (6 months).

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    Re: If you had to name a girl and a boy right now...?

    It would be so difficult to choose just one boy and one girl name right now. My names come from a variety of styles so just off the top of my head...
    Girl Triplets: Clio Simone, Esme Jospehine & Ivy Camille
    Boy Triplets: Adrian Francis, Julian Tobias and Sebastian Oliver
    5 Boys: Cornelius, Jeremiah, Oscar, Theodore and Xavier (no middle names picked out yet)
    Biblical Sons: Eli Praise, Asa Makepeace, Abraham Steadfast
    Virtue Girl Twins: Solace Amabel Wren & Lovejoy Somerset Dove
    Surname Children: Adair Evangeline, North Lysander, Ellery Grace, Auden Claire
    Spanish Triplets : Carmen, Dolores & Pilar
    Shakespearean Daughters: Cordelia, Rosalind, Juliet and Viola
    Vintage Daughters: Agatha, Edith & Celeste
    Mythological Daughters: Freya, Gala, Juno & Haidee
    French Triplets: Camille, Delphine & Fabienne
    Gem Girls: Garnet Joy, Amethyst Grace & Topaz Wren
    My Sons Ending in "O": Aldo, Camlo, Hugo, Inigo, Leo, Milo, Orlando & Theo
    Miscellaneous Name Combos I like: Celeste Evangeline, Bronte Frances, Abigail Leigh, Sequoia Lee, Juno Estella, Eli Perry, Crimson Pearl, Amaryllis Lux, Jonquil Claire, Memphis Eve, Magenta Poe, Indigo Mae, Jove Augustus, Quintana Roo, Vera Marguerite, Calla Delphine, Beda Mabilia, Vesta Mae, Mamie Jean, Adelaide Horatia, Shirley Claire, Charlotte Ivy

    If I had to choose just two names at this moment : Eli Perry and Solace Amabel Wren.
    All the best,

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    Re: If you had to name a girl and a boy right now...?

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    Re: If you had to name a girl and a boy right now...?

    Oleanna Maud Clemency
    Edmund Amias Clyde

    Off the top of my head... Thereabouts methinks...
    Oleanna for my father Olav, Edmund for my grandfather Sigmund ^^
    Åshild | lover of books & baked goods

    Briar Yseult + Fey Ostara + Lore Eluned + Opal Ivalo + Vale Endzela
    Birch Aneurin + Coda Isidor + Elm Cadeyrn + Heath Loxias + Rue Pryderi


    From books and music:
    Dido Nuala Foxglove + Penthe Noria Delight + Una Hereswith Sybel
    Lórien Madrigal Melusine + Alaïs Antimony Blythe + Gwladus Rosa Rixende

    Cian Alabaster Lucien + Coren Iroko Nightingale + Sufjan Sirius Tamlane
    Remiel Kvothe Corundum + Annachie Casimir Lio + Elodin Emmanuel Sparrow

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    Re: If you had to name a girl and a boy right now...?

    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West


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