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    Re: Very Long BNG With TONS of KIDS!!

    1. Your name is Dianna Elaine Sommers and you are 21 years old. You have just graduated from Yale college at the top of your class, majoring in Law! Yesterday you recieved a letter congratulating you for getting accepted for the intership job you applied for. Overjoyed you pack up you belongings and make the long journey to New York to pursue your career in Law. On your first day of work, you literally run into this hot guy while walking down the hallway. Embarressed you mumble sorry and then take off. The guy though is amused by your quick and nervous exit, and later while your getting in the elevator to leave, he jumps in just before it closes. He introduces himself as Jacob "Jake" Harrison , and proceeds to ask you on a date. Usually you don't date people you work with, but this guy is to charming to resist, so you accept his offer.

    2. Later that week, you get all dressed up for you date, you're nervous but also excited. He picks you up at 7 and takes you to La Pomme. It ends up being the best date that you have ever been on. As the weeks go on you can feel yourself falling in love, your relationship is growing more and more serious. After 6 months of dating while on the beach he proposes to you, and you of course say yes!

    3. Before you know it only 3 months after your engagement its time for your wedding. You have a small wedding, held in St. Mary's Church, with only close friends and family. Everyone has a blast, and your reception is one to remember. After such a great night you and your new hubby take off to Hawaii for 2 weeks for your honeymoon.

    4. Once you return from your honeymoon, its time for house hunting! You and your husband find a cute little 2 bedroom 2 bath house on the outskirts of South Hampton, in a quiet and cute neighboorhood that is perfect for raising kids. After only 2 weeks of moving into your new house you miss your period, you go to the doctor later and find that you are pregnant! Your husband is so excited and both of agree to keep the gender of your child a surprise. Together you come up with a gender nuetral first and middle name. After 9 months your little bundle of joy arrives and its a girl! You give her the unisex name that you both agreed apon.
    Daughter #1: Alexie "Lexi" Taylor

    5. When your daughter is 8 months old, you start getting the same feeling you had when you were pregnant with your first child. As a precaution you and your husband go to the doctors. You insticts were right and the doctor confirms that you are pregnant, this time with triplets! Both of you are shocked out of your mind and at first arn't sure how to feel. But 7 months later when your babies arrive 2 months premature. You have 2 little girls and 1 boy, all of t