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    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Clara Naomi/Ezra Lloyd

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    Ideally I would want 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls, spaced about 2-3 years apart each. Realistically I'm hoping for 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. But, in a perfect world where it all worked out, 5. No multiples, all singles.
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    Me: I am Maxine Matilda McGregor, my passion has always been writing but I did a teaching degree thinking that I would never make it in the world of authors. I'm very family orientated though my life wasn't always filled with children, with my only sibling being my sister Ellie - who is three years my junior - however having children is something that I have always known in my heart that was meant to be.

    Him: He his Adam William Sable, and the love of my life, he joined the army aged 18 and that has been his whole life. He is the life and soul of the party with a large smile and great laugh, however it's hard for him to be serious and trust, and he has a lot of hidden demons. Adam's an amazing dad though and would do anything for me and the kids.

    Us: It wasn't the most unusual way in which we met, but it's a nice story to tell; Adam and I met because he was Ellie's boyfriend's (now husband) best friend, and I of course am Ellie's sister. The summer before I started University and he went into college we spent together with Ellie and Danny - who used to make jokes about how weird but great if we dated - one day late summer I went out and met Adam on my own and told him that I though I loved him, but not before he could tell me the same. We kept in touch and saw each other most weekends, but then he started his career in the army and I found it extremely difficult not seeing him or knowing if he was safe. I talked to Ellie about ending the relationship but she told me; "You've been looking for love for so long, why do you want to give it up so quickly?" And this spurred me on. When he was next on leave Adam cooked me dinner, and then he proposed! I never saw it coming, after all he was only 20 and I 22; I began planning the wedding with Ellie but all of our ideas were scuppered when just one week after I discovered that I was pregnant!

    Children: Mine and Adam's first child was born right around the time that we'd planned our wedding for, but luckily we found out early enough to change the date of the wedding from a summer scorcher to a winter wonderland. Our son joined us after a relatively quick labour (which Adam almost missed by the way!), just like everyone predicted he was born with most of my features, including my thick, dark brown hair and deep, dark eyes. We gave him the name Tobias Henry Phoenix Sable. As Tobias grew it became clear that although he was a "spittin' image" of myself, he was a Daddy's boy deep down. Our son was athletic like no other, with a limitless supply of energy and talent in any sport you could throw at him. We decided to channel a lot of his energy into swimming, karate, and football.

    Because Tobias was such a handful, and Adam was still away on tour a lot, thoughts on giving him a sibling didn't surface until he was doing three full days a week at nursery, and Ellie brought up the fact that her and Dan were thinking about having their first child. I spoke to Adam about it and he agreed, so on his next visit home we began trying to conceive and... Lucky us, we're blessed with a beautiful daughter. She too was born in the summer, this time with her father's bright ginger hair, blue eyes, and a cute spattering of freckles. We gave her the name Rose Eleanor Mary Sable. Tobias took being a big brother much more seriously than we thought he would, and Rose grew up with a constant shadow making sure that we was okay. Her best friend was her cousin Annalise, who turned out to be just four weeks older than her, the girls were close as can be.

    Despite always wanting more children, I found myself extremely happy with my little family, I loved looking after my niece Annie but I also liked giving her back to Ellie and Dan, and just having my two left. However when Tobias was six and Rose three, and Ellie revealed she was pregnant with her second daughter, I brought up with Adam my indecision about having more children. To my utter surprise he remembered a long-ago conversation we'd had when newly married about adopting children, it was like being struck by lightning, of course we should add to our family that way! The process was longer and harder than I thought it would be, and my children were eight and five before we could introduce them to their new siblings; four year old Sebastian Finn and his sister, two and a half year old Willow Blue. Both children had medium brown hair and hazel eyes, they fit straight into our family, with Tobias taking Seb under his wing (family glad to have someone to play football with and not just follow around), and Willow becoming fast friends with her new cousin Neeve. To solidify their welcoming into the family Adam and I gave our new children a second middle name each, making Sebastian Devon Finn Sable and Willow Caroline Blue Sable.


    Max (31) and Adam (29) with: Tobias (8), Rose (6), Seb (4), and Willow (2.5).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
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