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    Dance related names for girls

    Just curious if anyone knows any usable names related to dance or dancing. We are not prego or TTC but I would like to find some names with this meaning. Oh and I'm not looking for the names of dancers just names related to dancing.
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    Re: Dance related names for girls

    I will list more tomorrow as I am out of internet time, but Noa was the first one I thought of, it means 'movement/motion'
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    Re: Dance related names for girls

    Allegra- an allegro is a part of a traditional ballet class
    Terpsichore- the Greek muse of dance. I know this seems kind of unusable, but nn could be Cora or even Cory
    I know your not looking for the names of dancers, but what about characters from famous ballets?

    I will look for more....I love this category!

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    Re: Dance related names for girls

    Also Calypso, a type of dance.

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    Re: Dance related names for girls

    Crescent moon had a good idea about characters from ballets, but a lot of famous dancers have AMAZING names. But I know you said you weren't looking for dancer names, so here are a few names with dance- related meanings:
    Ritika (Sanskrit, "Movement")
    Noa or Noah (Hebrew, "Motion")
    Mai (Japanese, "Dance")
    Baila (not technically a name, but a form of the Spanish word for dance and it sounds almost exactly like Bella, so I guess it's usable- it's in The Baby Name Bible)
    Hope that helps!

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