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    You are working at the library at your college in your junior year. Every day youíre working you notice that there is one student who is always there. Sometimes he is actually there with his head in the books, others he seems just to be sitting there not doing anything or just on his laptop. He always sits in the same spot, with a perfect of the counter where you work. Lately, youíve been catching him looking up at you every so often and you decide one day to take initiative and go over and talk to him. You hit it off really well and he ends up asking you on a date. From there on after, you two are inseparable.
    -What is your name? (May be anything youíd like)
    -What is his name? (Must be a common name with a unique middle)
    -Where do you go to college?

    Senior year comes and goes by quick, you and your boyfriend both graduate. You have a teaching job right out of college at the school you did your student teaching. They loved you there! Your boyfriend has a little less luck finding a job right away, but ends up landing a job at a great business firm about six months after graduating. You move into a 1 bedroom apartment together and on your second year anniversary he proposes to you! Six months later, over summer vacation, you get married and go on a nice two week long honeymoon.
    -Where do you get married?
    -Where do you honeymoon?

    Surprise! Two months after your honeymoon you find out your pregnant. You werenít trying, so you both are shocked, but pleased nonetheless. 7 months after that you deliver a beautiful healthy baby. If you are wearing socks itís a boy if not itís a girl.
    Whatís his/her name? (First name can be anything you like, middle name must be something related to where you honeymooned.)

    You are still in that 1 bedroom apartment, but youíve been looking for a new place while you were pregnant. Finally you find a little 3 bedroom house for rent that you adore and feel is right for your small family for the time being. In the meantime, you and your husband start design plans on your dream home and are lucky enough to be able to afford something rather big because your husband is becoming extremely successful. When your husband announces another promotion, you announce that youíre pregnant! You both are very happy. When your oldest is 21 months your give birth again, only this time it is twins. If you have blue eyes you have 2 boys, brown eyes you have 2 girls, green/other you have 1 one of each.
    -What are their names? (2 boys must have place names, 2 girls must have nature/flower names, if 1 of each both must have names associated with colors.)

    About a year later your dream house is being built and itís almost finished! You have the twins 1st birthday party and then start packing everything up to be moved into your new home. You find youíre getting more tired then usual and arenít feeling well at all. You chalk it up to moving though and being run ragged by your almost three year old. Finally youíre finished moving and the new house looks great! Itís huge! It has 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a big kitchen and dining room, a living room, a den/playroom, and a big office for you and your husband to share. You throw a big party for your oldest 3rd birthday and when things are finally back to normal you also realize you havenít gotten a period in 3 months. You canít believe you didnít realize it and now it all makes sense. You schedule a doctorís appointment and sure enough, youíre pregnant again. 4 and half months later you give birth. Itís a preemie. The baby is small and weak, but you can tell you have a fighter. If you have your nails painted itís a girl, if not you have a boy.
    -Whatís his/her name. (Name must either mean strong, gift or miracle.)

    Even though you both want more children and more then enough room for another child, you decide to hold off for awhile because of your youngest. He/she does have some medical needs and requires extra attention. Fortunately, everything goes well for your family. Youíre youngest gets stronger and healthier everyday. You really couldnít be happier and are content with your four children. You do decide to get a puppy though when your youngest is 3.
    -What kind of breed and what do you name it?

    Years later, when your oldest is 14, the twins are 12, and your youngest is 10 and half you miss having a baby around. Your husband is a little apprehensive because of the age difference and he feels the two of you are too old to be having a baby. You remind him that his parents were 41 when he was born and you guys are only 37. Your youngest helps him come to terms that the age difference wouldnít be too bad, and finally your husband decides that itís a good idea. You try for a year and still not pregnant. So you turn to fertility treatments. It ends up working, but you get more then you expected! Youíre pregnant with quads! If you have blonde hair you have 3 girls and 1 boy, if you have brown hair you have 3 boys and 1 girl, if you have red hair you have 2 girls and 2 boys, if you have any other color hair you may choose what you have.
    -What are their names? (They all must have virtue names)

    Youíre seven bedroom house is now full. Where does everyone sleep?

    You and your husband are now 65. All of your kids are out of the house and you love having your grandchildren come spend time with you in your big empty house.

    -What are the names of your childrenís spouses and children?

    Your oldest is married and has 4 children.

    Twin 1 is married and has 3 children.

    Twin 2 is married and has 4 children.

    The younger singleton is married and was unable to have children of his/her own, but adopted 2.

    Quad 1 is married with 2 children and 1 on the way.

    Quad 2 is engaged and has a 3 year old.

    Quad 3 is married with 1 child.

    Quad 4 is married with 4 children.

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