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    Help me love Penelope!

    My husband and I cannot agree on girls names. The only name we have mutual love for is Penny, and he's fine with Penelope or just putting Penny on the birth certificate. But I can't give my kid a nickname with no other options. I go by Jen, but love having a full name to fall back on. I am finding it hard to get into Penelope though, and am a bit concerned that people will think I copied a Kardashian.

    Our combination is Penelope Michaela (after my dad Michael)... What do you think? We find out the gender next week, so this might be a moot point, but it bothers me that we're having such a hard time with this!
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    If your only concern is that people will think you're following a Kardashian, I'd say push that concern out of your mind and go for it. It's a gorgeous name and no one should keep you from using a name you love.

    BUT, if you don't like it, don't use it. This your baby and if she is indeed a she, you should love her name. An alternative is Penrose (but I would urge that Penelope is the prettier choice).

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    Quote Originally Posted by plum jo View Post
    ...An alternative is Penrose (but I would urge that Penelope is the prettier choice).
    Oh but plum jo... Penrose is kinda really cool...

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    I soooooo wouldn't let the Kardashians stop you from using a name. But if you're still looking for options I ran across:


    that could all work as full names for Penny. But personally, if you and your husband can both agree on Penelope I'd go for it! That name has been around a lot longer than the Kardashians.

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    Don't let the Kardashians stop you from using a name you like! Penelope is a great name. The only problem is see is that your name is Jen, which rhymes with Pen / Penny, common nicknames for Penelope. You could get around this with the nicknames Lo, Nell, Nellie, Elle, or Ellie though.
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