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Thread: Sextuplets A-Z

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    Sextuplets A-Z

    You just had sextuplets 3 are girls and 3 are boys. All have to have the same FIRST INITIAL. List what you would name your six. If you like more than six names you can list the extra choices in [brackets]. When you get to Q, U, X, Y, Z you can either ignore those letters, TRY to pick 6, or just list as many as you like. Don't worry about middle/last names.

    Example, here's my picks:

    A: Alice Autumn Avery, Afton Amir Austin [Aalynn]

    B: Bella Berlynn Brina, Brendan Bentley Bryson [Breaux Brigg Bradley]

    C: Celia Coraline Clarissa, Connor Chase Cooper [Cassidy Conrad]

    D: Delaney Dierdre Daria, Declan Dane Dash [Dallas Daniel Derek]

    E: Emery Effy Ember, Emerson Ender Evan [Esther]

    F: Farrah Fae Florina, Fallon Finley Ferguson [Ford Farrel]

    G: Gemmy Gia Genevieve, Grayson Gentry Gage [Geena Gavin]

    H: Hadley Harper Haven, Hatter Harrison Hayden [Hailey Harley Harlow Holden Hunter]

    I: Isla Irelynn Ivana, Iverson Isaac Ian [Iris Irene Ivorie Ivan]

    J: Jillian Janine Journey, Jake Jase James [Jada Justice Jenson Jax]

    K: Kaelani Keely Kensley, Kyler Kingston Kason [Karlie]

    L: Lorelai Leilani Lanie, Logan Landon Lane

    M: Macy Marina Memarie, Memphis Malachai Mack [Mallie Madeline Maya Maxwell Maverick]

    N: Nala Noelle Nina,Niko Nash Nolan

    O: Oakley Orly Odessa, Onyx Otto Owen [Orianna Ocean Ollie Otis]

    P: Phoebe Paisley Piper, Pearce Preston Phoenix [Presley Peyton Pagelynn Paxton Pason]

    Q: [Quinlee Quinlan Quest Quinton]

    R: Raelynn Rianna Rory, Rhett Ridge Reid [Rain Ramsey Reese]

    S: Sophie Shyla Sienna, Silas Spencer Shane [Siri Slade Shay]

    T: Tenley Tierney Tressa, Trace Trenton Takoda [Tyce Tanner]

    U: [ ]

    V: Vivianna Vera Vienna, Venice Vaughn Veto [Vada Valerie Vallie Vinson Virgil Vance Vinny]

    W: Waverly Winter Wednesday, Weston Walker Wylie

    X: [Xavier Xander]

    Y: [ ]

    Z: [Zoe Zane Zach]

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    Re: Sextuplets A-Z

    "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

    please check out my list!:

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    Re: Sextuplets A-Z

    Current Favorites
    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
    Grant Harrison / Levi Charles / Reid Samuel

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    Re: Sextuplets A-Z

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