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Thread: 16 and pregnant

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    I have an obsession with 16 and pregnant as well .. Season 3 was very eventful to say the least, but I must say there a few good names on this list:

    Noah James (even though Noah is popular I still LOVE this name)
    Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew (Noah Matthew isn't to shabby either)
    Miah Christine
    Jamie Paul Jr.
    Kylee Sue
    Preston Michael (love)
    Enrique Jairo
    Kay'den Elijah
    Aubri Rose
    Aydenn Anthony

    Anyway ladies, what do y'all think of these names?
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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    LOVE 16 and Pregnant, I know it's sad. I won't comment on the previous seasons as you guys already covered them pretty well, but for season 3, here goes:

    Noah James - I don't love it, but it's ok.
    Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew - I have to say it is a good pair for twins but they're nothing too exciting.
    Miah Christine - I do not like the spelling at all, and all together it just sounds boring
    Jamie Paul Jr.
    Kylee Sue - dislike, a lot, sounds like a character from Beverly Hillbillies
    Preston Michael - I also love this one!
    Enrique Jairo
    Kay'den Elijah - Adding an apostrophe in the middle of this sadly over-used name does not make it fresh or original in any way (I love Elijah, though).
    Aubri Rose - I dislike the spelling
    Aydenn Anthony - No, no, no!!
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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Noah James: I love the name Noah, but it is fairly unorigional.
    Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew: Again, nice names, but nothing special. Josh & Noah makes a nice pair.
    Miah Christine: Not a very original name either, but it's pretty. Too bad about the extra 'h'.
    Jamie Paul Jr.: I'm not a big fan of the name Jamie, I don't think it has enough substance. I'd prefer James with the nn Jamie.
    Kylee Sue:
    Preston Michael: I like!
    Enrique Jairo: I like alot!
    Kay'den Elijah: Eh.
    Aubri Rose: Prefer the spelling Aubrey, but I think it's pretty.
    Aydenn Anthony: NO!

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