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Thread: 16 and pregnant

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Oh 16 & Pregnant... Such a guilty pleasure...

    Bentley Cadence: This sounds very good together! If only people could look past the car association, Bentley is a nice name!
    Sophia Laurent: Sophia is beautiful, but the name together sounds like someone tried to hard to sound sophisticated imo...
    Leah Leann- Leah is such a beautiful and classic name, but really? Leah Leann? They couldn't find another middle name??
    Jocelyn Jade- Sounds pretty. Not my personal style.
    Weston Owen- I like both of these names, although I wouldn't personally put them together, it's cute!
    Carolyn Elizabeth- A very beautiful, classic name. It would have surprised me if one of the teen moms had picked this combo.

    Jace Vahn- Both of these, while nice names, kind of sound like made up words. Jace just seems to fit the little guy though.
    Lyle Thomas- I personally don't like the name Lyle, but together this is actually a very classy name! Especially for his mother...
    Nevaeh Lynn- The name Nevaeh annoys me to no end. Of all the beautiful names, you decide to spell heaven backwards? Really?
    Aubree Skye- The e's at the end annoy me a bit, but I don't mind this name at all. It's a pretty combo.
    Aidan- Such a cute name, but way overused right now.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie- I don't like the alternative spelling of Jordynn. I think they could have just gone with Amelia Marie.
    Brooklyn Marie- I feel the same way about Brooklyn as I do about Nevaeh. Too overused.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace- My jaw dropped when these twins were named. The names sound identical, not to mention they both sound pretty made up. I also think that it will get confusing differentiating between Aleeah and Leah, the mother.
    Summer Jayde- Very pretty, but the "y" in Jade isn't really necessary.
    Isaac Elliot- I'm not a fan of Isaac, but the names sound perfect together!

    Brody Ryan- Sounds nice together, but the whole Brooke+Cody=Brody thing made me want to pull my hair out. Too cutesy.
    Genesis Alexa- Genesis just reminds me of the book of the Bible. I don't think it sounds like a real name.
    Liam Allen- Sounds nice.
    Za'Karia- Again, of all the pretty names, did they have to go and make one up??
    Austin Carter- Vaguely reminds me of Aaron Carter of Backstreet Boys little brother fame. But still a nice name.
    Destiny- See Genesis... and Nevaeh... and Brooklyn. Destiny is a noun, not a name.
    Rylan Jace- As far as made up sounding names, this one isn't so bad.
    Blake- A nice name.
    Callie- Again, I'm not a fan, but it's a respectable name.

    These are just my opinions. I know I can be a little harsh, haha.

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Bentley Cadence- I love Bentley! The baby. The name's okay but not really my style.
    Sophia Laurent- I love Sophia, Laurent is eh.
    Leah Leann- It's too matchy for me. Leah could have been a beautiful middle name.
    Jocelyn Jade - Jocelyn has been on my list. But Jade is WAY to popular, and overused IMO.
    Weston Owen - I like Weston but prefer Wyatt. Owen is not for me.
    Carolyn Elizabeth (Carly for short) - Carolyn seems dated. I prefer Caroline.
    Jace Vahn- This is my baby cousin's name! It was so less popular then. lol. Vahn seems "ghetto" but Janelle (his mom) is "ghetto" so. . . :X
    Lyle Thomas- Not my favorite at all.
    Nevaeh Lynn- I hate Nevaeh. It's a name pet peeve of mine.
    Aubree Skye- Aubree (but spelled Aubrey) and I have a love/hate relationship. I liked Skye when I was in high school so I can see where she's coming from lol.
    Aidan - too common
    Jordynn Amelia Marie- I love Jordan (not Jordynn) for a girl since the show crossing Jordan. Amelia is a darling choice!
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace - I dislike both. They look made up.
    Summer Jayde- not very outgoing.
    Isaac Elliot -Cute and original.
    Brody Ryan- Although his parents annoyed me (GRRRR BROOKE) Brody has that elegant flair that I love.
    Genesis Alexia - Please no.
    Liam Allen- I like Liam okay enough.
    Names I love (at the moment): Caroline Juliet, Addison Elise, Layla Evangeline, Dianna Elise, Lea Alexandra, Amelia Jordan, Noah Morrison,Blake Samuel, and Gabriel Joseph.

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    He?. i love the name bentle? from 16 and pregnant (maci's little one)
    Well im having a bab? bo? in 3 month's and im naming him bentle? and i just wanted some help on a middle name to go with it? if ?ou can help me it would be great xx

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    I think Bentley's a great name. I'd probably pair it with something a little more traditional. Bentley James or Bentley John are both nice. Are there any family names you might want to use?

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Leah and Corey are my favorite cast members on Teen Mom 2, so it saddens me that they gave their twins such weirdly similar names. It is cool that they worked LEAH's name into ALEeAH's and I do like the mn's Hope and Grace for twins. For a similar feel but just a little more distinction they might have gone with Aliannah Hope (Ali) and Amileah Grace (Mia or Ami) or Annaleah Hope(Hopie) and Hannah Grace (Hannah) or perhaps Allison Hope (Ali) and Addison Grace (Addi). As it is the names they picked are disturbingly similar and I wonder that none of their family or friends talked them out of the choices.
    Aliannah and Aleeah are "disturbingly" similar, but Allison and Addison are not??

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