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    Oh 16 & Pregnant... Such a guilty pleasure...

    Bentley Cadence: This sounds very good together! If only people could look past the car association, Bentley is a nice name!
    Sophia Laurent: Sophia is beautiful, but the name together sounds like someone tried to hard to sound sophisticated imo...
    Leah Leann- Leah is such a beautiful and classic name, but really? Leah Leann? They couldn't find another middle name??
    Jocelyn Jade- Sounds pretty. Not my personal style.
    Weston Owen- I like both of these names, although I wouldn't personally put them together, it's cute!
    Carolyn Elizabeth- A very beautiful, classic name. It would have surprised me if one of the teen moms had picked this combo.

    Jace Vahn- Both of these, while nice names, kind of sound like made up words. Jace just seems to fit the little guy though.
    Lyle Thomas- I personally don't like the name Lyle, but together this is actually a very classy name! Especially for his mother...
    Nevaeh Lynn- The name Nevaeh annoys me to no end. Of all the beautiful names, you decide to spell heaven backwards? Really?
    Aubree Skye- The e's at the end annoy me a bit, but I don't mind this name at all. It's a pretty combo.
    Aidan- Such a cute name, but way overused right now.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie- I don't like the alternative spelling of Jordynn. I think they could have just gone with Amelia Marie.
    Brooklyn Marie- I feel the same way about Brooklyn as I do about Nevaeh. Too overused.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace- My jaw dropped when these twins were named. The names sound identical, not to mention they both sound pretty made up. I also think that it will get confusing differentiating between Aleeah and Leah, the mother.
    Summer Jayde- Very pretty, but the "y" in Jade isn't really necessary.
    Isaac Elliot- I'm not a fan of Isaac, but the names sound perfect together!

    Brody Ryan- Sounds nice together, but the whole Brooke+Cody=Brody thing made me want to pull my hair out. Too cutesy.
    Genesis Alexa- Genesis just reminds me of the book of the Bible. I don't think it sounds like a real name.
    Liam Allen- Sounds nice.
    Za'Karia- Again, of all the pretty names, did they have to go and make one up??
    Austin Carter- Vaguely reminds me of Aaron Carter of Backstreet Boys little brother fame. But still a nice name.
    Destiny- See Genesis... and Nevaeh... and Brooklyn. Destiny is a noun, not a name.
    Rylan Jace- As far as made up sounding names, this one isn't so bad.
    Blake- A nice name.
    Callie- Again, I'm not a fan, but it's a respectable name.

    These are just my opinions. I know I can be a little harsh, haha.

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