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Thread: 16 and pregnant

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Aubree Skye Lind
    Chelsea later changed Aubree's last name to match hers, because Adam was so uninvolved as a parent. Makes me sad for the kid to have a dad like that.

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    I love Lyle Thomas. I think that is my favorite out of all of them.

    The name Bentley is pretty cool, too. I like Jace as well, but I hate his mom. Ugh, so annoying.

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    I must say, I do like the name Bentley as well!!
    I have really liked the name Isaac (and Elliot, for that matter) for years now, but Liam Allen might be my favorite of the boys names.
    Liam is one of my top favorite boy's names, and Allen is my Mom's maiden name!

    As for the girls, I think the first season baby girls got the best names: Sophia, Leah, Carly...none are 'kreeatvve' spellings and they all kept it pretty classic, for the most part. Good on them for that!

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Bentley Cadence
    Overall I do not like the name Bentley because to me it falls in the category of aspirational brand names (Armani, Tiffany, Cristal) which I think are tacky. I do however think it is a nice way to get to the nn Ben if you do not want to use Benjamin or Benson. I like Cadence, but see it as somewhat feminine. Maci was my favorite girl from the original season.

    Sophia Laurent
    Someone already pointed out the Sophia Lauren connection. To me it spoils what would otherwise be a quite beautiful name. So, I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike the name Bentley. That aside, while Sophia is too popular for my taste it is a nice classy, classic choice

    Leah Leann Shirley
    Leah Leann is a ridiculously redundant name. It would almost be better had they just forgone giving her a middle name. That aside the selection of Leah as a first name was, perhaps the most tasteful choice Gary and Amber have made on film. Frankly I am surprised they picked such an understated classic.

    Carolyn "Carly" Elizabeth [NAMED BY ADOPTIVE PARENTS]
    I feel like Carolyn is outdated for babies ( to me it belongs with baby boomers like Jerry, Linda and Denise) Caroline or Carolina would have made am more contemporary and in my opinion better sounding choice. The nn Carly is a bit younger sounding and I like it better than Carolyn, but still somewhat dated (it would play perfectly in the 70's or 80's with Tracy and Stacy). Elizabeth is absolutely timeless (in a good way) and always tasteful, my only criticism there is that it seems like kind of an obvious choice for a middle name (like Ann, Rose, Grace and Lynn).

    Jocelyn Jade
    I do not personally care for the name Jocelyn, but I do think it is nice that it could be meant as feminine version of her father's name (Josh). The middle name Jade, connects to her mother, Ebony's name as Jade and Ebony are each colors and refer to semi precious materials (Jade is a stone, Ebony refers to dark wood used to create carvings). the double J's are nice as well.

    Weston Owen
    Weston is cute and contemporary, but not overly popular. Owen is also a cute and fashionable choice and I like it better than Lewis, so I am glad they gave him his dad's first name n=but not his middle. Having both mother, father and child's names begin with the same initial (Whitney, Wes, Weston) could cause confusion, but it could also be kind of fun for them.

    Jace Vahn
    I do not like it as a whole it is hard to say and feels like something is missing, maybe because Jace sounds like it should be a nn for Jason. Then again, as a given name it is fresher than Jason whose super popularity of the past makes it sound kind of played out.

    Lyle Thomas
    When I hear the name Lyle, I picture Lyle Lovett the singer,who has a quite distinct face that is not always described favorably. Then I hear a chorus of children chanting "Lyle, Lyle Crocodile!" over and over. So, while Lyle is a less used sound alike of Kyle, I would never inflict it upon an innocent child. Thomas is a fine name and goes will with Lyle.

    Nevaeh Lynn
    I wish people would stop using the name Nevaeh. It honestly makes me want to vomit a little every time I hear it. It is the opposite of taste and class, it is "cute-cutesey" and cumbersome and trendy and in my opinion it is perfect for a future stripper. Heaven would be a better choice, it would still not be to my liking, but I could respect it for being straight forward. Lynn is an overly typical and mn and thus it is starting to sound a bit bland.

    Aubree Skye
    I like this name it is really cute for a little girl but will also work well for an adult. Though, I do wish it were spelled Aubrey Sky but I do appriciate that the creative spellings match (AubreE SkyE). Personally, I would prefer Audrey to Aubrey. I love Sky as a mn.

    Way to popular for my taste.

    Jordynn Amelia Marie
    I do not like the way Jordynn is spelled ( as you may have figured out from previous comments, I like traditional spellings). The super classic and feminine double middle names do not really fit with Jordynn. Jordan Amelia or Amelia Maria would have worked better.

    Brooklyn Marie
    I do not love the name Brooklyn, but it is more in vogue than Brooke. Marie is not an inspired choice and I feel like it is meant to soften the more androgynous Brooklyn but it does not really fit with hit. It occurs to me that Jordynn Amelia Marie and Brooklyn Marie sound like they could be twins.

    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace
    Leah and Corey are my favorite cast members on Teen Mom 2, so it saddens me that they gave their twins such weirdly similar names. It is cool that they worked LEAH's name into ALEeAH's and I do like the mn's Hope and Grace for twins. For a similar feel but just a little more distinction they might have gone with Aliannah Hope (Ali) and Amileah Grace (Mia or Ami) or Annaleah Hope(Hopie) and Hannah Grace (Hannah) or perhaps Allison Hope (Ali) and Addison Grace (Addi). As it is the names they picked are disturbingly similar and I wonder that none of their family or friends talked them out of the choices.

    Summer Jayde
    I like the name Summer. Overall, Summer Jayde has a nice earthy slightly hippiesh feel to it. I do not like the spelling of Jade as Jayde, but oh well.

    Isaac Elliot
    Very tasteful, like many others I am surprised Kail and Jo made such a top notch choice. I like how both IsAAc and ELLiot have double letters in them and sound great together. Issac is classic, but not overused and Elliot is super cute and classy.

    Brody Ryan
    The combo of the parents names, Brooke and Cody, is a neat idea, but I dislike the final product. To me, Brody sounds like Bro (as in the greeting of one poser to another, "Hey Bro, how's it hangin?"). Ryan is a fine name, if not as fresh sounding as it once was, I highly prefer it to Brody.

    Felicia (and Alex) - Genesis Alexia
    This is a nice sounding name. However, I would only suggest that someone familiar with the book of Genesis in the Bible (when I say familiar I mean having read it completely and with some understanding) who believes is Creationism choose it as a name for their child. While Genesis is less common and has more substance than the almost equally biblical Eden, it shares the slightly over the top sexiness. It matches well with Alexia (I am glad they choose Alexia, not the too similar ending Alexis). I would not use this name, but I do think it is a decent choice for the right family.

    Liam Allen
    I want to like the name Liam, but for some reason I have trouble saying it. It does not feel quite right on my tongue. But that aside, Liam Allen is a perfectly fine name. Liam is a bit trendy, but still tasteful and Allan is certainly a classic so it is hard to go wrong their and the names pair just fine.

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    Re: 16 and pregnant

    Bentley Cadence - Love Bentley, and the combo I surprisingly like, although I've never seen Cadence used as a boys name before. It works well.
    Sophia Laurent - Agree with other comments about Sophia Lauren, however I do like the name.
    Leah Leann - Leah is okay. Combo is ridiculous.
    Jocelyn Jade - Dislike Jocelyn. Love Jade. Combo works well.
    Weston Owen - Weston isn't my favorite, but it's okay. Not big on the combo just because of the same sounding endings... I do love Owen, though.
    Carolyn Elizabeth (Carly for short) - Good classic name.. wish they wouldn't use the nn Carly though, takes it from classy to cutesy.
    Jace Vahn - I love this all around. Great name!
    Lyle Thomas - Dislike Lyle, but I do think this works nicely and Thomas is a great mn.
    Nevaeh Lynn - I do like Nevaeh spelled Neveah, despite it not being too popular on the boards... The combo is just okay.
    Aubree Skye - I really like this. Although, I know many dislike the alternative spelling, I think it makes it look for feminine, as Aubrey is a boy's names as well. Just my opinion.
    Aidan - My nephew's name. I like it.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie - Dislike Jordynn. Love Amelia. The mn of Marie is sooo overused I feel.
    Brooklyn Marie - Eh.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace - Too matchy, but the names are nice.
    Summer Jayde - Love this, just wish they'd spelled it Jade.
    Isaac Elliot - Love this.
    Brody Ryan - Love Brody, and Ryan is nice.. but not too pleased with the combo.
    Genesis Alexia - Genesis is nrms, but I love Alexia.
    Liam Allen - Although I'm not usually a fan of Allen, this combo works great.. and I love Liam.

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