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    Re: Baby Name Game: Complex Story with lots of names

    You are 13 when your parents are killed in a plane crash. You are devastated, and along with your three brothers, you move from the city where you grew up to the small town where your paternal grandmother lives.
    [your parents were Irish catholic and you all have traditional names]
    What is your name? Theresa Mary O'Byrne (Tess)
    What are your brother's names and how old are they?
    David John O'Byrne (Dave - 12)
    Patrick Jerome O'Byrne (11)
    Michael Francis O'Byrne (Mikey - 9)
    What is your paternal grandmother's name? Bridget Agatha O'Byrne nee Carroll

    By 15 you are acting out and partying like crazy, even doing drugs and drinking most nights. At 16 you find yourself pregnant, but unsure of who the father is. You know its between two guys. The first you knew as a little kid from visiting you grandma and he has a creative, but masculine name. The other guy has a traditional name, but lives a very nontraditional lifestyle and has an interesting nickname.
    Friend from your youth's name: Blade Anthony Kovic
    Interesting nickname's name: Andrew Trevor Willis (Stone)

    Knowing you have to be responsible, you clean up your act and even go back to school. At 17 you give birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl. The hospital does a DNA test and within weeks you find out that, thankfully, it is your childhood friend's baby. He is starting college in the fall and was supportive and good to you even when you were struggling. You name your daughter after one of your parents.
    Daughter's name: Catherine Jade O'Byrne (Catie)
    Parent's name: Catherine Louise O'Byrne nee Murphy

    When your daughter is a year old he decides that he wants to be more than just co-parents. You two begin exclusively dating each other and at 20, when your daughter is 3, and your boyfriend has graduated from college you find out that you are pregnant again. You are excited and nervous because your life is on track and you are even enrolled in college courses. Your boyfriend is great and even decides now is the perfect time for you two to get married.

    3 months later you marry and 4 months after that your second child is born. If you wear glasses you have twin boys, if not you have another girl. You chose a name that was popular in the 1950's.
    Name(s): Linda Zoe O'Byrne-Kovic

    After your second pregnancy and marriage, you and your husband decide to wait a while before you have more children. 7 years later you and your husband have established careers and your kids are happy, you've even gotten a puppy.
    Your career: teacher
    His career: lawyer
    Puppy's name: Eddie

    Now, at 29 with a 12 year old and 9 year old(s) you and your husband decide that you want more kids. You two are stable now and try despertely to get pregnant. You try and try, but finally go to the doctor and learn you will need help. You take fertility meds and get exactly what you want several times over. If you are the oldest child in your family-triplets; middle-quads; youngest- quints and only child- septuplets(7). At 31, you are greatful to be able to carry the babies long enough that although they are born small, they all live and are healthy. Genders are your choice and names must relate to each other some how.
    girl Claire Nicole O'Byrne-Kovic
    boy Aaron Mark O'Byrne-Kovic
    boy Lucas Eric O'Byrne-Kovic

    (all names mean light/bright)

    When you are 43 your eldest daughter, 26, calls home to tell you she has a serious boyfriend and she wants you to meet him. Three weeks later she brings home a young man who looks familiar to you, but you can't place him. During dinner it dawns on you who he looks like. You ask hi where he grew up and he tells you he was born in the town where your grandmother lived. You hate to pry, but you ask him what his father's name is. He tells you and your suspicions are confirmed...its the interestingly nicknamed fling you had as a teen!! Although everyone agrees it is weird, you are surprised to learn that this boy is actually a year older than your daughter. His mother didn't find his father until he was 13, which is why you'd never heard of him. Unlike his father he has a trendy and normal name. You also learn his father also cleaned up his act and now teaches at a local school. What a small world it is.
    Boyfriend's name: Jacob Harrison Willis

    What happened to your brothers?? Do they have kids?

    Dave O'Byrne married Isobel Rachel Deimer - 3 kids
    Helena Isobel O'Byrne
    Lauren Jane O'Byrne
    Raymond David O'Byrne

    Patrick O'Byrne married Anita Michelle Hamlin - 6 kids
    Joanna Leonie O'Byrne
    Samuel Riley O'Byrne
    Anthony George O'Byrne
    Rebecca Jane O'Byrne
    Oliver Daniel O'Byrne
    Fiona Marie O'Byrne

    Mike O'Byrne married Cara Evelyn Hernandez - 3 kids
    Aidan Carlos O'Byrne
    Sophia May O'Byrne
    Connor Stefan O'Byrne

    Tess O'Byrne married Blade Anthony Kovic - 5 kids
    Catherine Jade O'Byrne-Kovic
    Linda Zoe O'Byrne-Kovic
    Claire Nicole O'Byrne-Kovic
    Aaron Mark O'Byrne-Kovic
    Lucas Eric O'Byrne-Kovic
    Raphael, Daniel, Luca, William, Alexander, Casimir
    Sophia, Amelia, Lily, Cassandra, Charlotte, Genevieve

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