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    It's 1778 and you have just barely gotten married to a young man of your fathers' choice. He already has a business established and a fabulous name for the time period. His last goes well with your first, matchy but not too matchy.
    Your name: Bonnie Margaret Armstrong
    His name: Obediah Jacob Ludley
    His job: Wigmaker
    Your town/city: Alexandria, Virginia

    1 year later finds you blessed with baby boy twins! Your husband's so excited to have boys to help with his job that one of them is his junior. The other has the same initials. (Ex. John Paul and Jack Peter)
    They are: Obediah Jacob Ludley, Jr. and Oliver James Ludley

    When the twins are 2, you find out your pregnant again! You pick the gender, but the first name is also matchy with your last name and the middle is your or a variant of your middle.
    Baby 3 is: A girl, Lydia Margaret Ludley

    Sholtry after Baby 3 is born, Your sister and brother in law die of yellow fever. They have four children. You pick the genders, but the boys must have revolutionary soldiers names and the girls have first ladies names. Middles are whatever you want.
    They are:
    Nathanael Christian Ludley
    Artemas John Ludley
    Letitia Jane Ludley
    Eliza Harriet Ludley

    7 children in 5 years........ wow! But, you're in for one more surprise! Quads!!! The first ever in your state!! 2 boys, 2 girls. One girl has a state name and yours as a middle and the other is your favorite combo! The boys have first and middle names straight from England.
    They are:
    Lucy Josephine Ludley
    Virginia Bonnie Ludley
    Henry George Ludley
    Frederick Alexander Ludley

    Amazingly, you and all the babies live through labor. You decide you are done and each child has five children. If you want, you can name them....... No, thank you!

    All children:
    Obediah Jacob Ludley, Jr., Oliver James Ludley, Lydia Margaret Ludley, Nathanael Christian Ludley, Artemas John Ludley, Letitia Jane Ludley, Eliza Harriet Ludley, Lucy Josephine Ludley, Virginia Bonnie Ludley, Henry George Ludley, Frederick Alexander Ludley.

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