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    middle name for Louis

    So I'm officially expecting! We have our top 3 boys names but I'm missing a middle name for Louis. Siblings are Paul Stephen, Clare Michelle, Mark Joseph, and Katharine Rose. I'd love something Biblical as the boys both have 2 New Testament names. I had been wanting to use either Lawrence or Elias as they are family names but hubby (who doesn't really care about using family names) responds really, really positively to Louis so it is a leading candidate and I don't think Elias or Lawrence work well as middles for Louis. Hubby doesn't like Simon and I'm not keen on Philip. Timothy and Thomas are favorites but I don't want the alliteration with Tyson. (Also if you think any of these names sound out of place with our current kids names let me know.)

    Elias John Tyson
    Jude Lawrence Tyson
    Louis _______ Tyson

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: middle name for Louis

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    Re: middle name for Louis

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    Re: middle name for Louis

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