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    Another Grey's Anatomy Baby!

    Jessica Capshaw, better known as Dr. Ariziba Robbins of Greys Anatomy, gave birth to her second child, a baby girl!
    Eve Augusta Gavigan! Eve joins big brother Luke.

    The Greys Anatomy set is PACKED with children!

    Ellen Pompeo/ Meredith Grey- Stella Luna (1)
    Kim Raver/ Teddy Altmen- Luke West (8) and Leo Kipling (3)
    Justin Chambers/ Alex Karev- Isabella (15), Maya (twin) (12), Kaila (twin) (12), Eve(11), and Jackson (8)
    Patrick Dempsey/ Derek Shepherd- Taulua (7), Darby Galen (twin) (3), and Sullivan Patrick (twin) (3).
    Chandra Wilson/ Miranda Bailey- Serena (13), Joy (11), and Michael (2)
    James Pickens Jr. /Richard Webber- Carl Tharps and Gavyn Picken
    Chyler Leigh/ Lexi Grey- Noah Wilde (6), Taelyn Leigh (4), and Anniston Kae (1)
    Kevin McKidd/ Owen Hunt- Joseph and Iona
    Eric Dane/Mark Sloan- Billie Beatrice (6 months)

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    Re: Another Grey's Anatomy Baby!

    It's cute, I love Augusta, but with a long running series like Grey's Anatomy, I would have avoided doubling up on baby names, even if that are so many and there's a significant age gap between the two Eve's (and Luke's).
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    Re: Another Grey's Anatomy Baby!

    I love Jessica's kids' names, they are gorgeous. (I also love Kim Raver's sons' names.)


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    Re: Another Grey's Anatomy Baby!

    I think Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) picked a great name in Eve Augusta. It's really rather unexpected as a pairing, I think, but it works very well! Eve and Luke are great together, too.

    As for the rest of the Grey's Anatomy crew, here are my thoughts:

    Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) - I've never loved Stella Luna. I think Stella is a great name, but Stella Luna is just plain cheesy, both because of the star-moon thing and the book connection. I think Stella Kathleen, in honor of Ellen's own middle name, would've been nicer, but that's just me.

    Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) - I think the Chambers kids have pretty decent names! Not my personal favorites, but overall quite nice. Isabella, Maya, Kaila, Eva, and Jackson fit nicely. I would've spelled Kaila as Kayla, probably, and it is my least favorite name. And, his daughter is Eva, not Eve, so I think the whole re-using of the name issue isn't a problem at all!

    Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) - I think Serena, Joy, and Michael are wonderful names, especially Serena and Joy, which have such great meanings! Michael's is nice, too.

    James Pickens, Jr. (Richard Webber) - Carl and Gavyn are fine. Actually, I strongly dislike the spelling of Gavyn's name, and Carl feels rather dated, though the kid is probably in his mid-to-late twenties.

    Eric Dane (Mark Sloan) - I think Billie Beatrice has a nice beat to it, and overall I like it a lot. Actually, I'm really excited to see if Erica and his wife have more children just to hear what other clever, vintage names they choose!

    Chyler Leigh (Lexie Grey) - So, she's got Noah Wilde, Taelyn Leigh, and Anniston Kae with husband Nathan West. And, according to Wikipedia, they've got some pact that whoever guesses the baby's gender correctly gets to pick the name. So, Chyler chose Noah's first name and Nathan chose his middle name, so they got Noah Wilde West. Now, I love Wilde, but not with West! And, it seems that Nathan was the one to name both girls because he correctly guessed their genders, so maybe he has semi-questionable name style. Overall, the names are fine.

    Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) - Joseph and Iona are nice. I like the Scottish flair! Good work, Kevin and wife (Jane).

    Kim Raver (Teddy Altman) - Luke West and Leo Kipling. Overall, I like these! Lucas West would've been slightly more appealing, flow-wise, but I think these are cute!

    Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) - Talula Fyfe, Darby Galen, and Sullivan Patrick? I think these are great names! All of the first names have a bit of a hipster feel, yet they are slightly classic. Darby and Sullivan, both surnames, work well for twins. Nice choices, I think!

    And for our ex-Grey's doctors, we've got:

    Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) - Nancy Leigh is a cute way to honor Katherine's mom (Nancy) and sister. I also just think it is cool that Leigh and Heigl share all the same letters! But, Naleigh as the girl's nickname? I've never cared for it.

    Brooke Smith (Erica Hahn) - Brooke and husband Steve Lubensky have a daughter together, Fanny Grace, and a daughter adopted from Ethiopia, Lucy Dinknesh. I think these are really cute classic names!

    Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) - His kids are Isaiah V, Tyme, and Iman. I'm all about having a junior, but Tyme and Iman? Tyme is really odd in my opinion, and Iman is far too caught up in the model. Oh, well.

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Another Grey's Anatomy Baby!

    It is a very good news for all of us. Among all the names of the children of celebrities that you have mentioned, i like the names of the kids of Justin Chambers/ Alex Karev.

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