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    Re: Your freshman class

    Quote Originally Posted by cellogrl121
    You got to school early, so you're sitting in your homeroom akwardly with your teacher.
    Teachers name: Greggory Alan Swayne *Mr. Swayne*

    Three cheerleaders walk in and look at you like you're some kind of insect. Their names are: Hilary Claire Tenor, Jenna Rae Hamilton, Elisabeth Nicole Branch *Liz*

    Two nerdy boys with thick glasses and tons of books walk in. They smile at you, and you smile aback. Their names are: Warren Scott Brewer & Louis Paul McDonald

    A mob of jocks squeeze through the door. You count them.... six in all. They're all guys and they ignore you. Their names are:
    Christopher Ryan O'Neil
    Jonathan Gabriel Vick
    Jack Matthew Addy
    Gavin Alexander Butchakis
    Keith Patrick Hornet
    Ethan Samuel Reynolds

    Three hippie/artsy girls walk in. They're wearing colorful skirts and lots of jewlrey. They smile and ask your name. Their names are:

    Ophelia Bree Dorning, Willow Grace Parker, Nadine Victoria Avery

    Two normal looking girls walk in together. They're names are:

    Patricia Nicole Walker & Hannah Louise Qiunlan

    Last but not least, it's the "cool" mob. They're wearing Hollister and Aeropostale. They're all georgeous. Three guys, three girls. They're names are:
    Carter James Theron
    Tyson Oliver Morales
    Chad Michael Tanner
    Gabrielle Leigh Niko
    Carly Vanessa Thompson
    Emma Margaret Lau

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