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    Jul 2013
    Past pets: Snoopy-my dad's dog when I was born ( male, black dog), Smokey-family dog (male, German shepherd/Chow mix), Dakota-family dog (Smokey's son), Zoe-family dog (female, black and white dog), Bloo-my dog (male, Boston terrier/cocker spaniel mix), Max-my pet (male, tan teddy bear hamster), Baby-my pet (female, orange and white hamster), Mr. Tulip- My sister's (male, grey and white teddy bear hamster), Bugs bunny Peter Cotton tail- My rabbit ( male, grey), Henery-my fish ( purple beta fish), Precious- my pet (newt), Popcorn-family pet ( brown corn snake).

    Current pets: Comet-my pet ( male, irish setter/ cocker spaniel mix), Lucky Ducky- My sister's cat (female, mostly grey and white colors)

    Hoping soon to get a female merle blue Australian shepherd and her name will be either Bellatrix or Roxie
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    A maltipoo (maltese and a poodle mix) named Jeter after Derek Jeter.

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    I have a calico cat named Clove after the crazy knife girl from the Hunger Games (come to think of it, it really fits her!), an orange and white tabby named Sunset, a white cat with tabby splotches named Mousling, a silver brindle greyhound named Myst, and a cream and brown ferret named Buffy.

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    My current pets are:

    Dudley - 2 year old, red, male, miniature bull terrier
    Paulie - a (male) princess parrot
    Gregory - a goldfish

    I grew up always having at least one bull terrier in the house, though, (my parents are obsessed!) so in the past we have had:
    Beau - female, black with a white chest
    Jethro - male, plain white
    Ruby Tuesday - female, brindle

    My mum always says she calls our dogs what my dad wouldn't let her call us kids, so I'm not sure if I'm lucky or not? :P Personally, I would have loved to be Ruby Tuesday.

    (woo! first post)

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    5 year old female, almost solid white Chihuahua named Maisie [May].
    2 year old white and black female Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Sadie [Bear].
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