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    Cats and Gerbil names

    I have two fluffy black and white cats, a boy named Smudge Ellix Chip (I named him when I was 11) and a girl named Seirian Ruey Sakura.
    I have two gerbils named Cook and Cassie after characters from the TV show Skins, they haven't got middle names yet- but I will give them middle names soon!


    I also have 2 goldfish Kalypso and Colby and an algae eater called Malcolm
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    2 cats: Stella (tortie) and Zadie (black with white belly)

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    Current pets:

    Aussie/lab mix (Female)= Brenna
    Mini schnauzer (male)= Carson

    Past dog names:
    Lab/shepherd male= Maynard
    Karin terrier female= Sadie
    Lab/shepherd male= shadow
    Golden retriever female= scout
    Black lab male= Rufus
    Mini schnauzer female= Bella

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    Two hamsters named Robert William "Bob" and Charles Patrick "Charlie
    A hamster named Maisie Angeline "Maisie"
    A frog named Comet Asteroid "Comet.


    A frog named Bouldie Jupiter
    A gerbil named Tobias James "Toby"
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    Currently my family has an 11 year old female black cat with 3 white spots on her belly named Moe and a 1 year old female gray, white, and light brown tabby named Snickers

    Moe had two other siblings named Larry and Curly (also black with white spots). My brother named them after we discovered them in our backyard in 2002. The cats were named before we discovered Moe and Larry were female and Curly was male. The cats didn't get along that well, so their names fit perfectly. Unfortunately, Larry and Curly ran away after we moved in 2007. We adopted Snickers in May 2012 from a friend of my brother. We named her Snickers because she has all the colors of a Snickers candy bar.

    Obviously, family likes to name our cats after food/candy. From 1994 to 2009 we had a black cat named Oreo and just last month my brother and his fiancee adopted a black and brown and blue eyed kitten they named Peanut. I am a coffee addict, so if I ever get a cat of my own I want to name it after a coffee drink. Haha.

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