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    May 2013
    Me? I have a gecko with the name Peanut Houdini Fevrouários eikostí̱ and a dog named Octavius Machitis Epizonton... I like giving my pets really long Greek names! It's so fun to try them out

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    New Zealand
    Right now I have 2 fur babies who are brother & sister tabby cats named McGee (who is more commonly referred to as Gilla), and Angel.

    Previous to Gilla & Angel there has also been Honey (Gilla & Angel's mom), Jake, Chico & Colombus (their other litter mates), and from outside that family tree have been Lily, Hemi, Blair, Obie, Draco & Cindy.... We had a run if bad luck with cats
    Proud Mummy of...
    -- Dominic Jameson: 3rd November 2013
    -- Ciaran Gabriel: 14 December 2016 (My Angel)

    Dom's future brother/s: Alistair, Bennett, Bowen, Elijah, Elliott, Emmett, Finnegan, Grayson, Harrison, Quentin
    Dom's future sister/s: Aveline, Aven, Calla, Eleanor, Helena, Iris, Noelle, Rosalie, Sadie, Wren

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    Brother cats Maverick And Goose. ( Maverick James, aka, buzz. And Sir Goosington the third, aka, Einstein kitty) and border collie mix April Marie. We adopted her in April last year.

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    I honestly don't know if I've already posted in this threat, but if I did, it was probably before we got our little puppy! He is a cavalier king charles spaniel named Hugo. My brother wanted to call him Albert, but I insisted on getting to name him, since I'm a name-nerd, and this was the first real chance to name a living creature in my life (we got our last dog, a breton, when I was 2 and my mother named him Balder after the norse god). I chose Hugo, because it was a name I loved, but probably wouldn't use for a child. I think it's a perfect name for a dog since it's short and spunky. If we had gotten a girl dog it probably would have been Cleo.

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    Dogs: Dunkin, Blondie, Hunter, and Buddy jr
    Cats: Maisy and Finn

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