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    Former pets:
    Two cats: Spencer and Poquito "Pokey" means small in Spanish. R.I.P great animals.

    Two dogs: Pitbul: Jacob Marley. Jacob after the wolf in Twilight, but we named him Jacob Marley in reference to A Christmas Carol

    Twix Michael: He looks like the inside of a Twix bar and Michael after Brett Michaels.

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    Apr 2013
    Currently I have a cat named Ollie (rescue) and two goldfish called Splodge and Specko. Previous I have had a dog named Waffles, another cat called Tiger, two boy bunnies called Jiffy and Fluffa, two girl bunnies called Peppa and Willow, a guinea pig called Squiffy, three other fish called Flipper, Flubbles and Ginger and a hamster called Sparky
    Name lover & Married to a wonderful man

    Lilith - Vesper - Francesca - Tiffany - Lark - Viola - Naomi - Eloise - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Freya
    Zachary - Alexander - Tristan - George - Axel - Dominic - Loki - Malachi- Rowan - Harvey - Griffin - Briar

    Bunny names:
    M: Banjo, Chewbacca
    F: Kairi, Pika
    Uni: Bantha, Domino, Tadpole

    My blog:

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    Jan 2013
    Dog: Beauregard- Bow
    Mice: Snowball, Pepper, Angel, Cinnamon
    In the fish tank -
    Oscar, Nebula, Galaxy, Star, Luna, Onyx, Ruby, Arielle, Apollo, Storm, Venice, Topaz, Jazz, Merlin, Pheonix, Casper, Monroe, Willow, Chuck, Nemo, Rome and Finn and then the tetras (which don't have names apart for the biggest called Cruz)

    And one day I would like to own an Italian Greyhound called Remy.

    Other names I like for pets:
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    Lil Mintie Due July 2017!
    MORE NAMES! & Husband Approved!

    Elara Willow Quinn. Romia Scarlett June.
    Freya Juliet Wren. Athena Lorelei Grace. Talulla Harlow Maire.

    Silas Leonardo Walter. Raphael Conrad Jove. Asher Malachi James.
    Louis Josiah Kane. Auden Perseus Flynn. Evander Dmitri Reid.

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    Aug 2012
    A 17 pound orange Maine coon cat - Elijah James "Elye"
    A 9 pound long haired black cat - Ms. BoJangles "Bo"
    And two Chinese Dwarf hamsters - Bartholomew Baggins "Bart"
    - Sylvester McDuff "Sly"

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    Apr 2013
    Hogwarts/District 12/Lorien
    My dog's name is Epcot and my cat's name is Doodle.

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