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    Mar 2013
    (cats) Grayson and Briella
    (dogs - Toy Poodles) Ryker and Canyon
    ♥ My family is complete, I love helping with baby names and discussing names. ♥

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    Apr 2013
    Victoria, Australia
    Milo Ovaltine - ginger tabby x
    Pierre Gavroche - panda moor
    Archibald Percival "Archie" - black axolotl
    Theodora Edith - golden axolotl
    Peugeot Elizabeth Ketut - russian blue
    [FONT=Times New Roman]
    [COLOR="#66cc33"]Ignatius - Jasper - Hugo - Edmund - Henry - Oliver - Rupert - Felix - Percy - August - Atticus - Amias - Otto - Barnaby - Arthur - Ezra - Hector - Charles[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#cc99cc"]Antigone - Hermione - Harriet - Cordelia - Violet - Persephone - Beatrice/Beatrix - Clementine - Ottilie - Florence - Octavia - Drusilla - Agnes - Ida - Matilda - Xanthe[/COLOR]

    [SIZE=1]Previously ebonyeden[/SIZE]

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    Here is a list of all the pets we've had. Some are long gone, but never far from memory:

    Dogs: Hancock (Hank), and Chestnut (Chessie)

    Cats: Smithy, Slusher, Frosty, Hazelnut Snowshoe (Hazel), Shivers, Viggo

    Parakeets: Millennium (Lennie), Pace, Oliver (Ollie), Pippin (Pip)

    Ducks: Sweetie, Candy, Brownie

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    Dogs -- Marmalade and Percy
    Cat -- Wally (mn Gompers)
    Hedgehog -- Chloe (past hedgehogs: Fuzzy, Phoebe, and Cloudy)

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    Jan 2013
    wow, this thread is amazing!
    past pets:
    My parents pets when I was born: Thor (German Shepard), Max (white cat), Katie (ginger cat) and Bon-Bons (tortoiseshell cat) all cats),
    My pets: Angus (Westie), Solar (orange and white kitten), Polly, Meters, Little Black, Speedy, Caramac, Holly (all guinea pigs), Sooty (all black cat)
    My sisters pets: Daisy (Westie), Sirius (black kitten), Beth, Chocolate Buttons, Lolly, Holly Jr (all guinea pigs, again), Fish (black and white cat)
    And then countless hamsters, including Nipper, Huggles, Nina, Nina, Rose, Blossom, Billy-no-mates and Rupi

    current pets:
    Cats: Mouse (another tortoiseshell, about 1000000 pounds overweight, sisters), Phoenix nn Nix/Nixy (black kitten w/ white paws), Sam (black cat, twin of Sooty, mine), Anya (ginger cat, my baby)
    Hamsters: Mole (grey Syrian, mine) and Blizzard nn Blizz (white Russian, sisters)

    future pets I will own:
    Two German Shepards (dark colouration) or Alaskan malamutes called Loki (Norse god for mischief, ties in with Thor and coincidentally also Avengers) and Herondale (William Herondale..need I say more?)

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