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    tressa Guest
    My sweet calico cat is Hannah.
    We also have tuxedo cats, brothers, Simon and Loki (as in the Norse god of mischief)

    Past pets have included Hannah's brother, Pumpkin Vandenhogenbaugen.
    Golden retriever brothers, Jack and Bailey.
    And birds Nicky and Alex (as in Full House)

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    Jul 2010
    We have a Puggle named Quark that Polly calls "Pork"
    we also have 3 Koi fish Spot, Strip and Orgami what you get when you let a 20 month old name fish

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    We have five cats in total, three which my mother named - Lulu, Mimi and Sam. Two which I named - Winifred and Harry.
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    Jan 2012
    My puppy is a shih poo named Scruffie

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    Jan 2011
    Tomorrow we are adopting an 8 week old kitten. He will be named Icarus.
    My other cat was named Amadeus.

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