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    Aug 2011
    Past Pets
    Pounce and Bounce-siamese/mix cats, my parents named them for what they were always doing when they brought them home
    Many many mice and hamsters all i can remember is Jack/Rosie the hamester who was called Jack-Rosie since i didnt know if it was a boy or girl names are from titanic. Piebald called Pie cause he was 3 colors lol

    Current pets
    My parents have
    Cow Patty called Patty the dog the shelter named her because she was found in a cow field
    Oreo- a cat who is black and white creative right? We also call him Ollie-o
    Gypsy- small fluffy black cat the shelter named her ashley, so not her
    Bella- another black cat name after Bellatrix in Harry Potter mostly called lil cat

    My Pets
    Dia- my 2 year old Pit/Lab/Chow mix the shelter named her Georgia which I hated so I named her Kaydia which then became Dia, I mainly call her dia-dog =) she is such a dog dog
    Abbey- my fiance dog she was Abby at the shelter and he added the e to make it "cooler" we liked the name and she was so shy we didnt want to confuse her more. I call her the Abbester or supermodel she is a very prancy pure white husky mix =)

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    My family has one yellow labrador retriever, whose name is Chrysanthemum. We call her Chryssy though.
    "When the light falls on your face, don't let it change you
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashcart View Post
    Spike (long haired-dachshund) and Willow (tabby cat). Yes, I am a "Buffy" fan But, I do not thing I will be continuing the theme with my next dog or cat.
    Yes! I'm a huge Buffy fan! I know people who have five alpacas, two are named Spike and Willow haha and the other three are Paisley, Finale, and Guthrie. If they have another boy they are naming him Angel.

    As for my pets, I have a female Corgi named Sam after the hobbit in Lord of the Rings (for anyone who doesn't know, hobbits are creatures with short legs and big feet, which corgis also have). My friend has a male Corgi named Frodo. Sam has a million nicknames. My cat's name is Rocky after the song "Rocky Raccoon" which is about Bob Dylan (my dad named him) but we actually call him sweet boy most of the time. My parents also have a dog named Murphy, a hermit crab named Rosie and a pot bellied pig named Oliver.
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    We have 2 all black cats, Eloise and Dorothea, though most of the time they are called Elo and Doro.

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    I have a yellow lab named Finley Harbour ____________. We rescued him, so he is our 'fair haired soldier'. Such a brave guy and he was so sick when we adopted him. He's a water dog and originally labs are from Newfoundland, hence the Harbour spelling though we are in the US. It took us two weeks to name him! We also call him Finn.

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