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    My very first real pet ever was a cockatiel who we named Georgio (we got him around 1988 and he is STILL alive btw, i swear he's bionic). Then we had the meanest golden retriever ever named Sam. Then I got Milo, a sweet but moody jack russell/cocker spaniel. He's now 11 and still spunky with an attitude. Last year I added Cocobelle (aka Belly for short, cause she's always flipping over to show her belly), a brown doxie-beagle-chihuahua mix. I'd have cats too if Milo wasn't such a natural hunter! Love pet names because you can be more creative than with people names (imo anyway)
    ~ Christine

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    My baby... a Husky-Golden Lab mix... is Sunshine Eleven. Her nicknames are many- Shiny, Shiner, Sunshiner, baby, Mrs. Golden Ears. And Eleven is my lucky number, so it fit. She's our only "child" so she's extremely spoiled. Also, she's white with golden tips on her paws, tail and legs. She's a ray of Sunshine to everyone she meets!! Corny, but true!!

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    I have an all-white kitty named Paige.
    She gets nicknamed Smaige, Puppy-Cat, Chicken, Chitty-Chat and Kitchen.

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    I have seven dogs, which sounds hard to believe, but I live on a farm. Our oldest dog is 14, and she's a white miniature schnauzer named Kay. We named her Kay because her name was K.C. when we got her. Since she was two when we got her, we didn't want to change it too much.

    Our next dog is grey standard schnauzer, who is 13 years old. His name is Kody. We just liked the name Kody, and it matched Kay.

    Our third dog is another grey standard schnauzer, Kody's brother. His name is Sheridan. My sister named him.

    Our fourth dog is a giant schnauxer, who is 10. Her name is Zita. She's named Zita because we found her eating a pita, so it kind of fit. She was a stray, and we think she is around 10 because she was a little puppy when we found her.

    Our fifth dog is another miniature schnauzer, this time black. Her name is Birdy, because she loves to chase birds. She is five years old and loves our other mini schauzer Kay.

    Our sixth dog is named Mazie, and she is a miniature schnauzer and miniature poodle. She is three years old.

    Our last dog, we decided to change it up a bit, is a boxer named Adelita. She is two years old and we found her in the woods, lost as a puppy. We called her owner who said he didn't want her more. He dumped her there. So we decided to keep her.

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    We just adopted a Lhasa Apso puppy through

    We named her Lollypop Nima.

    All of my dogs have had an 'o' and 'y' in their names, so I adapted the name to fit the tradition. She goes by "Lolly." "Nima" is Tibetan for "sun." Lhasa Apsos originated from Tibet, and the capital city is know for being incredibly sunny!

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