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    Jul 2011
    I like this topic But let's see I've had

    Hamsters: Colby (named after a cousin), Morgan (also named after a cousin), Magic and Misty, and Fidget (who lived forever! Seriously, if you want a Hamster that lasts forever, buy it from a pet expo. I got it in the fifth grade and it didn't die until Freshman year).

    Fish: Goldeen and Seaking, Bubbles, Lilo and Stitch (Stitch ate Lilo!)

    Kittys: Chubby (Didn't name her, I wanted to call her Kita), Jax who is also known as "the little man" or just "manly" (He's the least Manly cat in the world.), and Jade who responds almost exclusively to Fat Cat (If she had been a boy cat, her name would have been Koal pronounced Cole).

    I already have names picked out for my first Dog and Snake, too! I want to call the dog Jinkies and the snake Hector!

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    I have four dogs:
    A female mastiff named Tiara
    A female english shepherd named Violet
    A male jack russel named Igor
    And a female sussex spaniel puppy named Leila

    I have two tiger barn cats named Boomer and Budd.

    I have two parakeets, Hurst and Abeque.

    I have a black and brown guinea pig named Quinlan.

    We just had to put down my old dog in March, a male Vizsla named Zeus. He was 10 years old and a tumor in his leg. We also had another barn cat named Bandit, but we gave him to my husband's aunt, cause she wanted a barn cat.

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    Sep 2011
    Butterfinger - orange tabby
    Twix - corgi dog
    Currently Loving:
    Girls - Noelle, Story, Adrienne, Kensington, Tessa, Cheyenne, Brisa, Cordelia, Autumn, Tawny, Elora, Mireille, Corsica, Brienne, Caliana, Anya, Vida, Agatha, Millie, Georgia, Autumn
    Boys - Noah, Joel, Gunnar, Bronson, Jesse, Montgomery, Griffith, Nathaniel, Josiah

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    I have three dogs at the moment
    -a 5 year old blue nose pitbull named Zeus (I always joke his name should have been lionus, he reminds me of the kid from peanuts)
    -3 year old girl named Xena, she really acts like a warrior princess!
    -9 month old bulldog mix puppy named Mufasa because he is golden and has a huge lion head!

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    United States
    My cats are Frank and Brittin. Brittin's full name is Brittin Precious Jo, and Frank is Franklin $14.50 Carlitos. Hahaha

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