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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have...

    A rabbit named Roger,

    Three cats - Steve, Peanut & Salem,

    and my mom's boyfriend has a dog named Ginger.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?


    Current Cats:

    Cleapatra (5 all black shorthair) - Yes, I know it's spelled incorrectly but that was done on purpose. I like the name better that way. She goes by Clea and CleeClee and sometimes Cleapatpat.
    Napoleon (5 blue shorthair) - He mostly goes by Poli, but sometimes it's Roli Poli, Polio or Na-poli

    Past pet friends that I named!!

    Menace tabby cat. I was going through a very heavy hip hop phase when she was named. Although I usually didn't give her nicknames I sometimes referred to her as "Menace the Street Kitty". Ironically she was an indoor cat. I had to give her up, I wonder how the woman who has her know likes her name!!
    Tassy tabby cat. I named Tassy when I was 2. I don't know why. She never had any nicknames.
    Bula- grey rabbit. I called all rabbits Bulas for a time, not sure why.
    Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo- turtles. We were young!!
    Keemon Keelie- turtle
    Oski Dozo- turtle. Their names are made up of the same letters. Clever eh? lol
    Ikso Ozod- turtle
    Estie, Flyber, Floober and the Wriggler Bros- tadpoles I raised into frogs

    Family Pets that I didn't name:

    Shadow Samoyed. Shadow was named by my family as she followed us around like a Shadow. I wanted to call her Brewer. I called Shadow Shawdowrama most of the time but sometimes it was Shadster.
    Snowy- Snowy was a mixed Samoyed and was all white.
    Jacey- tabby cat. Named for our initials.
    Thumper- rabbit. My younger brother didn't put much thought into Thumper's name but he was very young so I'll give him a break.
    Ziggy- iguana
    Tapper- pot bellied pig. So named because his hoofs made a tap tap tap sound in the house!

    We had many fish but we thought it was bad luck to name them so we never did. I started to as an adult but I could never really remember what I settled on!

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    I have had so many pets over the years. Before I had my son, I took in strays quite a bit. Gave them names, had them fixed, caught them up on their shots, found new homes for some and kept others. Here are the ones I remember, as well as the pets I had as a kid:

    Ceasar--German Shepherd I am too young to remember but we have lots of pictures of him!
    K.C.--Kitty Cat. I named her when I was 3. Ran away.
    C.C.--Calico Cat. I named her when I was 6. My mother had her put to sleep because she scratched everyone.
    Gizmo--Given to me for my 11th birthday. I loved Gremlins. He lived for a long time, well into my 20s.
    P.J.--Orange tabby cat I took in. He belonged to a friend who was moving overseas. They called him Pumpkin, and sometimes Junior, neither of which I liked. So he became P.J. Unfortunately, he ran away, probably looking for his real "mom"!
    Pacey--Kitten I adopted after Gizmo died. My Dawson's Creek phase. He decided he'd rather live with my neighbor, so I still saw him quite a bit after he "moved".
    Damian--Half Rottweiler/half Husky who died from a snake bite at only a year old.
    Jack--Adopted at the same time Damian was. I still have Jack, he is now 10 years old.
    Tanner--Adopted shortly after Jack, died of a kitty illness a few months ago. He was 9.
    Gunnar "Gunn"--Mutt I adopted after Damian died. I still have Gunnar, he is now 9 years old.
    Rocco--Black Lab mix I kept briefly.
    Angelus--Stray gray/black tabby I kept briefly.
    Neo--Stray black cat, just gorgeous. Only had him for a month or so before finding a new home for him, but he made quite an impression.
    Tess--Half Rottweiler, half black Lab I kept for a few years.
    Dakota--White Full-blooded Husky, along with her mate, River.
    River--Gray/Black Full blooded Husky. These two kept escaping. It broke my heart, but I found other homes for them as well, but not before they had a litter of puppies, one of which I still have. Gorgeous blue-eyed Huskies. Which brings me to...
    Maverick--Dakota and River's pup, he's now 6 years old and much better behaved than either of his parents!
    Scout--See below.
    India--Scout and India were strays I took in when they were only 4 weeks. I nursed them to health and kept them for years, but they've both passed on now.
    Isabel--Another stray cat I kept for years, but her wildness never left her. She ran away a couple of years ago after 5 hard fought years of keeping her domesticated.
    Dallas--Full blooded Rottweiler. Died when he was 4, possibly Parvo although he'd had his shots. We just don't know.
    Chandler--See below.
    Sam--See below.
    Dean--Chandler, Sam and Dean are orange tabby sisters, who I assumed were boys because orange tabbies usually are male. Hence their names. I took them in as strays at 4 weeks old & decided to keep them. They're 4 years old now.
    Miss Posh--See below.
    Tony Romo--Posh & Romo are sister and brother kittens I took in and yep, kept. They were 3 weeks old and beyond pitiful when I took them in. They were found at a bus stop, unable to see because bad respiratory infections had covered their eyes with gunk. I am happy to say they are 4 years old now and healthy.
    Dexter--The last cat I took in, the year I got pregnant with my son. He was 6 weeks when I took him in, 3 years old now and quite a character.

    Other animals I've had, either for very short periods of time, or they weren't dogs or cats:
    Kelso--stray cat, when I took him to the vet the day I took him in, found out he had feline leukemia.
    Sodapop--Black bunny rabbit I had for a couple years
    Lego--Striped hamster I had as a kid, looked like 3 legos put together.
    Colby--White female hamster who I thought was male
    Spike--Black male hamster
    Ricki and Lucy--two female mice

    That's all I can remember...that might actually be it. Whew.

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    I named my two cats:
    Salem nn Sam
    Richard nn Ricky (after a character in a book)

    And my family previously has had three other cats, which I did not name:
    Domino, Cameo, and Howie

    I've also had hamsters named Sara and Humphrey, and fish named Tiger and Torpedo : D

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    Currently have two moggies - two shorthaired wee ladies called Pandora nn Pan and Riley. Prev had boy cat called Rigger, cats when i lived at home were Yo-Yo, Pippy and Zack.
    - Little Miss B - born April 2012 -

    - Little Miss Z - born May 2016 -

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