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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    We have two bichons, brother and sister named Daisy and Bogart. They have white fur so we wanted names that meant white. I chose Daisy and DH chose Bogart (after Humphrey Bogart's white suit in Casablanca). Sometimes I'm sad I used Daisy for the dog, because I would love it for a little girl, hehehe!

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a white, short-haired cat named Artemis. She's named after the cat from Sailor Moon, but with the knowledge that Artemis is also the name of a Greek goddess. She goes by many names as well: Artie, Arts, Boo Boo, Boo Ghosty, BB, Sweetie Pea, T-mas, and T-baby. I have never called her Missy, which a lot of people think is strange. I couldn't love her name more, and rejoice whenever I come across someone (usually an elderly woman) who shares her name! I sometimes wish I would've saved it for my future daughter, but I don't know if I would've had the courage to use it.

    Previous pets include:
    Toby (orange tabby w/ white, name given by animal shelter) called Tobes, T-bone, Bones, O-B, and Toby Pepperoni
    Duchess (black lab, given name by her first family) called Dutch, Dutchie, Apple Pie
    Dixie (mutt) who was only called that. Another name I'd like to, but never could, use for my child.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Lady (3 years) is a pomeranian, it wouldn't have been my first choice for her, but we got her when she was 2 & that's a little late to change her name. She gets called Turkey Girl (by my mom) and Ladybird most.

    Ruby (14 months) is a long-haired dachshund. Her name was originally Lucy, but I didn't think it fit her. We call her Ruby Roo, Roo, Doo, and Bad Dog most of the time.

    Dixie (5 months) is a lab mix. Dixie is what the people who had her were calling her, and we couldn't come up with anything else that fit her personality. She goes by Dixie Lou, Dixie Doo, and Dix.

    Bullet (5 months) is a lab mix and Dixie's brother. He's my brother's dog. The only problem I have with the name is that it gets shortened to "Bull" and "Bully/Bully Boy" a lot.

    Bella (4 years). She went through a few dozen names before I settled on Bella. I call her Bell, Bellza, Bellanina, Bellzaboo, and about a million other nicknames.

    Peanut (2 1/2). Not very imaginative. I wanted to name her Charisma, but Peanut stuck, unfortunately.

    Lucifer (18 months). I was going through a phase. Ha! He pretty much goes by Louie and Lou and I call him Loubert.

    Jesus (18 months) is Louie's brother. He's the sweetest thing ever.

    Moses (13 months). I figured I'd keep the semi-biblical theme going. He goes by Mose, Mr. Mose, and Moseby.

    Chow (10 years), my brother named him when he was 5. He's about 25 pounds and eats everything in sight, so it's a name that fits perfectly.

    Twin (8 years). It was only supposed to be a nickname until we came up with something better, but it stuck.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    We have two dogs. Billy and Betty. Billy got his name from his previous owners. He was bred to be a show dog and his official name was Billy the Kid. Betty got her name... well... because she looks just like Betty Boopy. No kidding. We thought Billy and Betty sounded cute together too. The names sound like an old married couple.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a pitbull / lab mix named Betsy and her middle names is Ross
    2 parrots named Max and Toby (no middle names sadly)
    And one cat named Lynx but he also goes by Lynxifer and Lynxy

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