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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have 3 dogs -

    Mishka, a Lab mix
    Zerbie, a Collie/Rottie (?) mix
    ...and we, erm, received an older Mastiff who had the relatively boring name Jesse, so we rechristened her...
    Majestica, the wussy Mastiff

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    My family has two dogs and a cat. We all voted on our dogs names, my dad chose the cat's name though.

    Present Pets:
    Shasta Rain: Pit-mix (I picked the middle name)
    Birdie Belle: Lab-Pit-mix (Had no idea about the actress until later)
    Carmel Pumpkin Cute: Calico Cat (my brother picked this when he was about six. It stuck)

    Past Pets:
    Coco Chanel: No idea (died two years ago)
    Duke Frankincence: Jack Russel (chaos for four years)
    Mary: Goldfish
    Goldie: The Past 6 Goldfish owned.
    "Omne Ignotum Pro Magnifico"

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    We have a 5 year old shih-Tzu named Isabella Jade and she answers to a variety of nn including: Izzy, Bella, Bell-Bell, Izz-Bizz, and many more We also have a 3 year old boy dog named Bailey. He is a shih-tzu mix and he answers to Bubba, Bailey Boy, or of course his given name They are both very intelligent and I love them as if they are my children (no babies yet).

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    We followed the naming trends of the times for our dogs:

    1990 Gracie McDogus
    1992 Zoe Angelique
    2005 Theodore (always called Teddy or Ted)

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have so many "pets". I have five cats and two dogs that live with me but I feed over 30 stray cats every night. They are homeless and one colony lives behind an auto body shop here in town and the other colony lives behind our local Hardee's. A friend and I have have put out shelters for them and had them neutered but because they are semi-feral (they only come to me or Heather) they are unadoptable.

    My dogs: Henry and Binky
    My cats: Tallulah Belle, Leonardo, Merlin, Fiona, Delilah

    My strays: Benjamin Franklin, Sonny Bono, Bridget Bardot, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Sue, Angelina, Molly, Percy, Samantha, Savannah, Sasha, Simon, Sebastian (those last five are litter mates), Pip, Grayson, Jackson, Grace, Faithful, Abigail, Simba, Lucy, Tess, Izzy, Dmitri, Pasha, Heidi, Attila, Olivia, Cecil, Spanky, Voo-Doo, Black Jack, Tango, Jacque, Jake and Carlo.

    Oh and there's also Frank and Jesse - two big old tom cats who show up on my front porch from time to time.

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