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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a pemproke welsh corgi named Dexter. And yes, we named him for the show, his mn is Morgan. We call him by both when he is in trouble or we want to get his attention. He actually responds to it.
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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Dutchess and Marley- dogs
    Gibson and Jackson- cats (after guitars), had Fender also, but he passed away a few weeks ago.
    Lock, Shock, and Barrel- anoles
    And Tuttle the turtle

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    My dog's real name is Nikita Lynn (rottweiler), however she has many NN: Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Love, Kita, Ba-Bus, and many more that I cant think of right now.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Our Mini Australian Shepherd's name is Lacey Jane. And we have a cat named Charlie who we also call; Chuck, Charles, and Kitty. He doesn't have a middle name though which is odd, it seems like we only give our female pets middle names.
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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Ziggy - Pug
    Nemo - Cat
    Shadow - Cat
    Ace - Gecko
    Oreo - Rat

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