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    What are your pet's names?

    I ahve two kittens, Shauna and Figgy. Shauna's middle name was Marley but has become Carly for some reason, and Figgy has earned the names Figgy Pudding Tomkins Butternut Cookie Jack (for various things.) We also have a goldfish named Bob xD. What about you?
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    I have had so many pets over the years. Before I had my son, I took in strays quite a bit. Gave them names, had them fixed, caught them up on their shots, found new homes for some and kept others. Here are the ones I remember, as well as the pets I had as a kid:

    Ceasar--German Shepherd I am too young to remember but we have lots of pictures of him!
    K.C.--Kitty Cat. I named her when I was 3. Ran away.
    C.C.--Calico Cat. I named her when I was 6. My mother had her put to sleep because she scratched everyone.
    Gizmo--Given to me for my 11th birthday. I loved Gremlins. He lived for a long time, well into my 20s.
    P.J.--Orange tabby cat I took in. He belonged to a friend who was moving overseas. They called him Pumpkin, and sometimes Junior, neither of which I liked. So he became P.J. Unfortunately, he ran away, probably looking for his real "mom"!
    Pacey--Kitten I adopted after Gizmo died. My Dawson's Creek phase. He decided he'd rather live with my neighbor, so I still saw him quite a bit after he "moved".
    Damian--Half Rottweiler/half Husky who died from a snake bite at only a year old.
    Jack--Adopted at the same time Damian was. I still have Jack, he is now 10 years old.
    Tanner--Adopted shortly after Jack, died of a kitty illness a few months ago. He was 9.
    Gunnar "Gunn"--Mutt I adopted after Damian died. I still have Gunnar, he is now 9 years old.
    Rocco--Black Lab mix I kept briefly.
    Angelus--Stray gray/black tabby I kept briefly.
    Neo--Stray black cat, just gorgeous. Only had him for a month or so before finding a new home for him, but he made quite an impression.
    Tess--Half Rottweiler, half black Lab I kept for a few years.
    Dakota--White Full-blooded Husky, along with her mate, River.
    River--Gray/Black Full blooded Husky. These two kept escaping. It broke my heart, but I found other homes for them as well, but not before they had a litter of puppies, one of which I still have. Gorgeous blue-eyed Huskies. Which brings me to...
    Maverick--Dakota and River's pup, he's now 6 years old and much better behaved than either of his parents!
    Scout--See below.
    India--Scout and India were strays I took in when they were only 4 weeks. I nursed them to health and kept them for years, but they've both passed on now.
    Isabel--Another stray cat I kept for years, but her wildness never left her. She ran away a couple of years ago after 5 hard fought years of keeping her domesticated.
    Dallas--Full blooded Rottweiler. Died when he was 4, possibly Parvo although he'd had his shots. We just don't know.
    Chandler--See below.
    Sam--See below.
    Dean--Chandler, Sam and Dean are orange tabby sisters, who I assumed were boys because orange tabbies usually are male. Hence their names. I took them in as strays at 4 weeks old & decided to keep them. They're 4 years old now.
    Miss Posh--See below.
    Tony Romo--Posh & Romo are sister and brother kittens I took in and yep, kept. They were 3 weeks old and beyond pitiful when I took them in. They were found at a bus stop, unable to see because bad respiratory infections had covered their eyes with gunk. I am happy to say they are 4 years old now and healthy.
    Dexter--The last cat I took in, the year I got pregnant with my son. He was 6 weeks when I took him in, 3 years old now and quite a character.

    Other animals I've had, either for very short periods of time, or they weren't dogs or cats:
    Kelso--stray cat, when I took him to the vet the day I took him in, found out he had feline leukemia.
    Sodapop--Black bunny rabbit I had for a couple years
    Lego--Striped hamster I had as a kid, looked like 3 legos put together.
    Colby--White female hamster who I thought was male
    Spike--Black male hamster
    Ricki and Lucy--two female mice

    That's all I can remember...that might actually be it. Whew.

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    I named my two cats:
    Salem nn Sam
    Richard nn Ricky (after a character in a book)

    And my family previously has had three other cats, which I did not name:
    Domino, Cameo, and Howie

    I've also had hamsters named Sara and Humphrey, and fish named Tiger and Torpedo : D

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    Currently have two moggies - two shorthaired wee ladies called Pandora nn Pan and Riley. Prev had boy cat called Rigger, cats when i lived at home were Yo-Yo, Pippy and Zack.
    - Little Miss B - born April 2012 -

    - Little Miss Z - born May 2016 -

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    Right now, I have 4 male kittens (mommy is August (Auggie) - Dexter, Eli, Theo and Ezra. <3

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