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    Black Kitten (Sister for Sirius)

    We have a border collie/husky mix 6 month old puppy named Sirius Black.

    Tonight, we are bringing home a sweet black kitten. We were going to name her Wednesday Addams, for obvious reasons.

    However, I’m attaching the name Lyra to her. Lyra Silvertongue. It fits with my literary theme for pets. Thoughts?

    Another name thought is Alma LeFay Peregrine.

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    I love Lyra on a kitten! Adorable. I think you should go with that one, partly because I'm unforgivably biased and partly because if Wednesday doesn't seem to fit her now, it will probably always seem slightly off. Alma LeFey Peregrine is a sweet name too, but Lyra Silvertongue is my favorite of your options
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    First off, can I just say that I absolutely adore your theme? Amazing!

    Anyhow, Wednesday, Lyra or Alma are all beautiful choices but I'm leaning to Lyra, too! I'm also loving the astronomy connection she shares with Sirius. So, another vote for Lyra Silvertongue!

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    Lyra is so cute for the kitten!!

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