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    Jul 2012
    Currently just Minnie the cat, but my roommate has convinced me that next year we'll get a Shiba Inu and call her Laila.
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    Dec 2013
    New Zealand
    I have two cats Rusty (f) and Ozzy (m) and an orange goldfish called Freckle.
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    My pets now are a pair of hamsters named Buffy & Angel, and a parakeet names Fiyero. Though mostly Buffy is just 'my big girl' because she is the largest hamster I have ever had. And Angel has ended up to mostly be called 'Pretty Face'. He likes it just fine :-D My bird would let me call him anything as long as I sit next to his cage & talk to him. LOL.

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    We have a large number of pets in our family
    A Bulldog named Draco
    A Newfoundland named Hagrid
    A Saint Bernard named Susan.
    We also have a Himalayan cat named Ginny, a Ragamuffin named Dudley, and a Ragdoll named Oliver.
    We also have two goldfish who Lily named Splish and Splash and are (as she calls them) her best friends that live in water.
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    Mother too six furbabies Draco, Hagrid, Susan, Ginny, Dudley, and Oliver
    Also we have two fish Splish and Splash

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    Nov 2013
    Our only current pet is a black domestic shorthair named Marty (after Marty McFly due to his penchant for running around the house at top speed). He gets called any manner of things - Martycakes, Mart-sickles, Martecles, Marty Cat (in a British accent), Marty FitzCat, McFly, MartyPants, Martykins...

    We are anxiously awaiting a meet-and-greet with a sweet Collie/Aussie Shepard mix who we are trying to adopt from a local rescue. His name is currently Petey, but we'll be changing it if we do get to bring him home!

    Former pets:
    Chelsea - a short hair calico; who went by- Chelseapoo, Chel-uh-say-uh-poopoo-kitten (my dad...I have no idea LOL), Chels, Chaw-hee (this one was one of my friends) and Chelsea Pepper (Pepper was her name when we adopted her)

    Max - a miniature poodle; went by Maxy-poo, Maximus and Maxy

    rosalie song - daisy maren - caroline river - isla maeve
    linus theodore - sidney john - gordon mercer - donovan atticus

    Fur Kids: Caledonia (Kala) & Marty

    run along Pond...15/12/10
    our rainbow boys: Donovan Thomas & Marshall Gordon...coming 11/2016

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