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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a Samoyed named Luba Mae (although we call her Luba Lu). Her nn's have an extensive range... Tuba, Tubes, Lubes, Luba Dune, Dooba, Doopa, Doopa-du, Dupes, the Dupes of Hazard, Tube of Toothpaste... etc.

    We also have three cats: Nicodemus (Nico or Demus), Becker (just Becker), and Wolfgang. Nothing exciting about them!


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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Canea and Pompeii
    We have a theme going on
    Mama to Edward ('02), Adelaide ('05), Isaac ('06), Oliver ('10), twins Sebastian & Eleanor ('11) and Felix ('14)

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Currently, I have a cat, Buggins. It's my favorite of all of the pet names I've ever used, and mostly because it just suits him. He IS Buggins. Also call him Bug, lovebug, lovebuggins.

    Previous pets:
    Foster Kitten Litter # 1- Foreman, Chase, Hadley, Camryn
    Foster Kitten Litter # 2- Max, Milo, Mattise, Maisie, Madeline
    Foster Kitten Litter # 3- (Hey) Jude, Penny (Lane), (Dizzy) Miss Lizzie, Eleanor (Rigby)

    Family dogs- Killer (min pin), Gabbie (jack russell), Lucy (jack russell, RIP), Casey (golden retriever, RIP).
    Family cats- Ella Mae, Niko (Suave) (RIP)

    Other family members' animals- Tori Hannah (german shep); Scout (mutt); Maggie (german shep); Roscoe, Moosepup, and Tucker (all english springer spaniels)

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a labradoodle named Chester but he is called many different nicknames: Chezzy, Chez-man, Doodle, Doodle-Dog, and Doodle-icious. His middle name is Mr. Peanut. He responds to them all!

    I also have a cat named Cleo who is either called Cleo, Kitty, or Princess Cleo/Kitty.


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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Puppy: Hulk (Hulky)
    Bunny: Buttons (Tonz of butt)
    Bunny: Mellow (every seems to start singing Mellow Yellow, thats right or :P, Melly)
    Fish: Pikachoo
    Fish: Blacky

    full names:

    Hulk Peachblossum, Buttons Crimefighter, Mellow Yellow.
    Names Currently into:
    Girls: Everly Violet and Amelia Ivy
    Boys: William David, Mackenzie Oliver, Isaac Benjamin

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